Busy Hands: Contact Paper Apple Tree

The newest addition to my growing supply of craft material is contact paper. It's such a versatile medium use, and I'm already brimming with ideas on things to do!

One of the simplest ways to use it for play, of course, is to put it up with the sticky side out and give your child some things to stick on it. This activity can even be done by crawling babies, so it's good to have contact paper around.

Contact paper apple tree

The first time, I made a 'sticky window' and cut out some shapes for Little Dude. It kept him busy for all of 15 minutes, although he liked the sticky paper and playing the shapes. I 'laminated' his artwork by putting another layer of contact paper on it, and now we use it as a placemat!

Now I knew I had to up the game a little to keep him busy for longer, so I thought of making an apple tree using the same technique.

Here's what we used to make the apple tree on contact paper:

- Two sheets of contact paper
- One plain white sheet
- Coloured paper
- Crayons for the outline

First, I cut out the apples, leaves, strips for the trunk. I separated these elements when I placed them in a tray for him. Then, I drew an outline of a tree on the white paper and stuck it on the window. Next, I placed the contact paper over it with the sticky side out. And we were ready to go!

Contact paper apple tree

Little Dude started with the trunk, and I liked how he stacked the strips and stayed within the lines. I took this opportunity to tell him about the different parts of the tree, so he now knows what a trunk is, and that fruits grow on trees! I think he did a good job of sticking on the apples and leaves, even though some fell out of the tree, but that's what creativity is about, right? I think he was very pleased with his tree. I used the second sheet of contact paper to cover this one, and it he was excited about putting it on the refrigerator and showing it to Dad when he got home.

This activity is really simple to set up, and that's how we like to do things around here! You can choose any theme and level of complexity, and it is a good teaching technique as well. I'm sure we'll be doing many more  types of contact paper art in the future.

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