A special park, and childhood memories

Ever since we moved to Dubai, I have been pestering my husband to go to Mushrif Park. This park has a special place in my heart because I re...


Dear Son, Follow your heart...

The one thing I’ll never compromise on is my child's happiness. This may seem like stating the obvious, but hear me out. Of course, we w...


3 Fruity Frozen Treats + Yonanas Review

Ice cream is a favourite dessert in our house, especially with Little Dude and his Dad. As with everything, I'm always on the lookout fo...


G is for...Goo

This is a photo of Little Dude's first introduction to goo! It's also called oobleck or slime, and it's a great sensory activ...


8 Awesome Painting Activities

I have put together a list of eight painting activities that should get any kid excited! 1. Our Window Painting activity is one of ...


How To: Customize Your Twitter Sharing Button

It's the little things that matter, and one of the things I did early on was customizing my Tweet button. Simply put, this means that ev...


F is for...Football

Football is a favourite game here in Dubai, so naturally, the FIFA World Cup is a much awaited event. We are watching the games at home t...


Busy Hands: Painting with Kitchen Tools

It's always fun to experiment with different painting techniques with Little Dude. We have tried painting with foam shapes and cars . Ou...


Busy Hands: Easy Homemade Paint Recipe

When it comes to toddlers and preschoolers, it's best to play it safe when it comes to paint, unless you are going to supervise ever...


Toddler Tales (28): Funny Phrases

I haven't written an update on Little Dude's new developments for a while, since we've been busy crafting and exploring the o...


Busy Hands: Desert In A Box

When I was invited by Kim of Life Over Cs   to write a guest post on her blog, she suggested I create a craft that is inspired by Dubai. Now...


Seven Life Lessons My Dad Taught Me

Father's Day is around the corner, but I don't need reminding that the most influential person in my life has been my father. He&#...


E is for...Energy

I really don't know where toddlers get their endless energy from! If it's from the peanut butter sandwiches or Cheerios, then the...


Busy Hands: Photo Suncatcher (Gift Idea)

For the first time, Little Dude is old enough to understand the concept of a 'gift', so I knew it would be the right time to make ...


The park, a train ride, and exotic birds!

The Creek Park in Dubai is my favourite one, hands down! Yet we don't go there often because it gets so busy on the weekends. What I lov...


14 (more) things that drive your readers away

One of my earliest blogging 'successes' was a blog post titled  Eleven reasons why I won't return to your blog . It had a list o...


D is for...Dubai!

How could I not associate the letter D with Dubai?! It's a stunning place to photograph, and there's nothing more iconic about th...


Six Ways in Which I Became a Better Parent

Today, I'm featured on a blog that I admire. The Educator's Spin On It is a blog by Kim and Amanda, education professionals who a...


Busy Hands: Coloured Sand and Moon Sand

Sand has been one of Little Dude's earliest play materials. He's always loved playing with his sand toys, and since we have a lot of...


Notice anything different?!

So, what do you think? I've been thinking about doing a redesign for a while, but I finally took the plunge! Welcome to the new look o...

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