Busy Hands: Painting with Kitchen Tools

It's always fun to experiment with different painting techniques with Little Dude. We have tried painting with foam shapes and cars. Our window painting was a big hit. He has also started using a big brush, but he does like his fingers better! For a change, I decided to throw him a challenge by giving him regular kitchen tools to paint with. Toddlers are always curious about them anyway, so they would love it when they can get messy with them!

Painting with Kitchen Tools

You can see my Easy Homemade Paint recipe here. I just made the three primary colours, so he could mix them together. This would be a perfect outdoor activity, but we had to make do with indoors because it's getting very hot here, even in the early morning. Luckily, we have tiles so it's easy to do these kind of activities on our floor. 

I stuck a large sheet of paper across the floor, and put the following kitchen tools on it along with my paint:
- Potato masher
- Balloon whisk
- Turner
- Fork
- Skimmer
- Citrus juicer

Little Dude chose the most interesting one first, the potato masher! It made some cool prints on the paper. Then, he tried the turner and the skimmer. The patterns were very different from each of these, so it kept him interested.

Toddler Painting with Kitchen Tools

He then 'painted' with the others instead of making patterns, until he got to the juicer which made nice patterns too.

Toddler Painting with Kitchen Tools

This was the first time we tried 'big art' and I think Little Dude liked that he had such a large area to work on. Painting with kitchen tools is a great way to explore patterns, and simply have fun!

(Busy Hands is a series about activities and craft you can do with toddlers and young children).

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