Dear Son, Follow your heart...

The one thing I’ll never compromise on is my child's happiness. This may seem like stating the obvious, but hear me out. Of course, we want our children to be happy. But do they know what makes them happy? Or do they do things that make us happy?

What I'm trying to get at is that there are many things I want Little Dude to learn about life, but the one message I want to get across to him is: Follow your heart. This isn't just a mantra, but a skill that we need to teach our kids. It is the skill of making decisions for themselves. Yes, they should considerate and thoughtful to others, but for decisions that involve important aspects their lives, they should listen to their heart.

Dear son, Follow your heart

As parents, it's hard not to have expectations from our kids. But come to think of it, how many of those expectations did our parents have from us? Are we just following premeditated parenting patterns instead of giving way to freedom of  choice at every step?

Unconsciously, we may be following 'rules' set by society about what our kids 'should' be doing, especially when it comes to milestones, academics, and hobbies or sport. There is nothing wrong with girls baking or boys playing football, but we should be presenting enough opportunities for the reverse as well, especially when they are older.

If our children learn to follow their heart instead of following others, we will have more creative and unique individuals amongst us. And by this, I don't mean that they should be self-centered, but that they should recognise and cultivate their inner happiness.

I don't know if it was by their choice, but the way my parents raised me, I'm pretty competent at making my own decisions. I don't feel the need to ask for directions or affirmations in my life, though I welcome advice when it is offered. I realise that this is a good quality to have. It gives you confidence in yourself and the choices you have made. It also makes you responsible for them.

As a mother, I want to teach my son to think for himself. I want to involve him in decisions that may appear easy for me, but will open up his mind. I want him to believe that he's doing something that he wants to instead of being told to. I want him to know that he has a choice. That things don't always have to be a certain way because someone said so. I want him to know that he can make his own path if none are offered. I wish he doesn't worry about making an 'unpopular' choice just because it is different, as long as it is his.

I would like to tell him that instead of worrying about what others think, he should just think and allow his mind to roam free. I want him to care for others, and be so caring that he can be truly himself with them instead of living up to an unreal image.

So dear Little Dude, don't forget to listen to your heart. 
Find your own happiness, because your life is your canvas, 
and you can paint any picture you choose to.

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