A special park, and childhood memories

Ever since we moved to Dubai, I have been pestering my husband to go to Mushrif Park. This park has a special place in my heart because I remember the many times I visited it on school picnics. I really wanted to revisit some of my childhood memories, and also wanted Little Dude to experience them with me.

Mushrif Park is one of the lesser known parks of Dubai, and also the most different. Unlike the other manicured parks of the city, this one is natural so it resembles more of the woods than a park. It is a little out of the way, but we managed to finally visit it a few weeks ago. The first thing you notice about this park is how huge it is! You have to take the car inside to reach some of its well-known spots. I mean, look at these roads from inside the park:

Mushrif Park in Dubai

Now, the main attraction of Mushrif Park is something called the World Village, which is what I had the most vivid memory of from my school days. It's a collection of little houses from different parts of the world. They are big enough for both children and adults to go in. My favourite one is the Japanese house in the lake! There's also a Dutch windmill house, and a Nordic house pictured below.

World Village in Mushrif Park, Dubai

Of course, Little Dude and I had fun going in and out of the houses, and his Dad joined in too! Even though it was a hot day, this was certainly an exciting place for Little Dude. I was a little disappointed, though, that the houses have not been maintained very well and some even had trash in them. This is a little sad because nothing of this sort exists in Dubai, and I'm sure children will love this place if it is properly maintained.

World Village houses in Mushrif Park, Dubai

Another attraction of this park is the train ride which covers almost the entire park, something which you can't really do on foot. We took this lovely train ride (a steal at AED 2!) at around sunset and it was just beautiful. We saw some of the most natural areas of the park.

Train ride in Mushrif Park, Dubai

Despite being tired, Little Dude still wanted to go to the playground, and there are many at Mushrif Park. The play structures are really big here, and older kids can keep busy here for quite a while. Little Dude was particularly interested in the trampoline and the tunnel!

Playing in Mushrif Park, Dubai

If you're a natural lover, this is a park you must visit in the UAE. It's a peaceful place and great to just laze around and take in the sights. There must be many birds here, because the twittering was constant and loud! But it has also become a flight path and there many planes taking off just overhead. But we loved it all the same, and will definitely be planning a day long picnic (they also have barbecue stations) when the weather gets cooler.

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over40andamumtoone said...

What a brilliant place, and great to have something a little bit more rustic and a reminder of your own childhood. Looks fab #whatsthestory

coombemill said...

Great place and wonderful for kids imaginations, such a shame about the rubbish insode though, that would really spoil it for me. We have something similar here that I blogged for Country Kids a few months ago, the children really loved it there.

Merlinda Little said...

Awesome idea to have different country houses in one place! Imagine the next continent being a step away! This is a very very beautiful place and thanks for sharing photos of your trip. I can see that you really love to visit this in your photo =) #whatsthestory

Tarana said...

Yes, that's why I loved going back again!

Tarana said...

Yes, I wish it was better maintained. I must check out your post too!

Tarana said...

It was really a good feeling, Merlinda!

Sara (@mumturnedmom) said...

What a great place, love the houses, such fun for the kids (and adults!). Wonderful that it brought back memories too x #CountryKids

Tarana said...

It was fun, although a little hot! That's why I plan to return in winter.

Charly Dove said...

Must have been great to go back having been there as a child. What a wonderful place to visit, Mushrif Park looks amazing and so huge too. Would love to have a nose round there. Great post, thank you so much for sharing #whatsthestory

Tas D said...

It looks like a fab place to visit. I always add these places to my list when you write about them

Jaime Oliver said...

Tarana it looks like a really fantastic place to visit xx

thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

Seychellesmama said...

This sounds like a great day, so special that youve got memories of being there as a child as well Tarana! Such a shame there was some rubbish in the houses because it sounds like that should be a lovely little area! The park really does sound like it has something for everyone! Its lovely to read about nice family time in your expat home!! Thank you for joining 'my expat family'

Sara (@mumturnedmom) said...

Just popping back from #myexpatfamily :)

Tarana said...

It was great returning to a place I remember from those days!

Meghan Peterson Fenn said...

Looks like an amazing park! You certainly had a wonderful time there. Great to have found you on #myexpatfamily.

[email protected] said...

I love those houses! Shame that they haven't been maintained well, but I can imagine your son still loved going in and out. Mine certainly would have done! #myexpatfamily

Tarana said...

Yes we did! Thanks for stopping by.

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