L is for...Learning

I believe that learning is something we do all the time, and this is especially true for children, because they have such a thirst for kn...


Busy Hands: Storytelling Props

I like how Little Dude is developing his vocabulary , so I wanted to do an activity that would encourage him to use his language skills in a...


The fun in being an expat child

I think one of the best decisions we made has been to move to Dubai four years ago. Growing up in a city that has so much to offer is defini...


K is for...Kites

Kites are such an integral part of growing up in India, where we come from. Being an expat child myself, I never experienced this, but o...


Yes, I'm going to spoil my child

By now, you've probably read about why modern parents are just nut heads , according to a British nanny. My words, not hers, but that&...


Social Media Tips For Blogging Moms

Nobody said blogging was easy, but when you get down to it, it's a ton of work. Blogging is hard work , because just writing isn't e...


J is for...Journey

I'm a firm believer in the journey being as important as the destination. Such as this beautiful road trip we took to the city of Al ...


Busy Hands: Number Hunt

One of the earliest learning games I played with Little Dude was the Number Hunt. It's a very simple game which promotes learning number...


30 Things To Do Before You Have Kids

Yes, children are real joys, and I'm saying this because I mean it. And don't you doubt that for a second! But I still have these mo...


I is for...Independent

Little Dude is well over two and a half , and he's really starting to assert his independence. Like when he wants to climb the sta...


Busy Hands: Cereal Box Parking Garage

Any toy or activity involving cars is always a hit with Little Dude. So, we've made our own Cardboard Bus and done a Car Wash . Then, I...


Why bloggers don't work for free

It has happened to me many times, and yet, every time I get the suggestion that I'm doing something wrong by asking for monetary compens...


H is for...House

This is no ordinary house as you can see! It is a mini model of a traditional Japanese house. We recently visited a park here in Dubai , ...


Busy Hands: Melting Goo

Whether you call it goo or slime or oobleck, this mixture of cornstarch and water is great for sensory play for children of all ages. It'...

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