J is for...Journey

I'm a firm believer in the journey being as important as the destination. Such as this beautiful road trip we took to the city of Al Ain last year. It was a weekend trip to one of the most green cities in the UAE, but the resort we were staying in was up in the mountains in a place called Jebel Hafeet. Once we started our ascent, the beauty of these rocky mountains was breath taking. We couldn't help but stop and admire them. And that's the way it is with life, which is little more than a journey. Yes, we have places to reach, but we mustn't forget to stop for a while and admire the view.

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sustainablemum said...

That does look like an amazing place to take a journey. You are so right that we focus so much on the destination and forget to stop and look on the way. Life is a journey, an exciting one which has an unknown destination!

Carrie L said...

What beautiful colouring in the rocks. I once heard a speech that spoke of life being a train journey. Just because the train remains on the track, it doesn't mean you can't get off and wander for a while...there will always be another train to help you move to your next destination. x

Tarana said...

Thanks, yes, it was beautiful!

Tarana said...

That's a beautiful analogy!

Cheryl said...

I love the journey. It is all part of the experience. The views and people you met on the way. Explains why travel books are so popular. #AlphabetPhoto.

Merlinda Little said...

Beautiful words! I wish that I can let some things go and enjoy the view. I just so many excess baggage hehe. #alphabetphoto

Sara (@mumturnedmom) said...

I completely agree, we need to make sure we enjoy the journey, slow down a bit and take it all in. Beautiful scenery, it must have been an amazing drive x #alphabetphoto h

Tarana said...

True, the journey is really special, isn't it?

Tarana said...

Let it go, throw out the baggage, if you can!

Tarana said...

Yes, the drive was amazing, thanks!

Helen Sims The good life mum said...

your so right take it down a notch and enjoy as it is all to fleeting #alphabet

over40andamumtoone said...

I loved our trip to Al Ain, so different than Dubai, great take on J

Little Steps said...

I love journeys too! Just got back from our holiday in France and absolutely loved it. Lovely photo btw :)

Tarana said...

Thank you, I'm sure you had a great holiday!

Charly Dove said...

What a great idea for letter J, love the photo too. The rocks against the blue sky are incredible! Think we all need to slow down a bit. Fab post, thanks for sharing with #alphabetphoto

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