10 Challenges For Moms To Take

I know. You probably don't have breathing space in your busy schedule. Maybe you go out to work or you work from home, or you just do a gazillion things at home. And here I am, talking about taking new challenges!

But I'm not going to ask you to go mountain biking or kayaking (although you can!). A challenge means something different to all of us. My challenge may appear small enough to conquer for someone else, but in my circumstances, it may seem insurmountable.

Moms usually try to cram in so much in a day, and in their lives, but somewhere inside them is a desire to do something different. There are hidden wishes to tick off on that 'someday' list. Because, of course, the kids come first. And they should, but after you've done everything to make their lives comfortable, is it unfair to work on what would make you feel more fulfilled? No, because the kids don't need you for everything, but you need to make time for yourself.

Don't wait for a sign, just do it! Get out of your comfort zone, and take up a challenge today. There's no reason why you can't shake things up a bit!

10 ways to challenge yourself as a mom

Here are ten ways in which you can challenge yourself as a mom:

1. Learn something new

It doesn't have to be something that takes too much of your time. You could learn cooking , ballroom dancing, pottery, guitar - whatever you've had at the back of your mind, but never got the time. If you can't do it everyday, take weekend classes. Learning new things is guaranteed to invigorate you!

2. Meditate

Or pray, or do yoga. Whatever works for you. Peace of mind isn't something that will come to you automatically. It has to be cultivated, and to do that, you have to dedicate time to it. Try doing it closest to when you find yourself most stressed throughout the day. Even fifteen minutes should be enough.

3. Plan a romantic surprise

Remember when you used to do little things for your other half before the kids happened? Don't leave surprises for special occasions. Cook him a favourite meal, or surprise him with movie tickets. Little things like these go a long way when you barely get time to spend with each other between school runs and bath time.

4. Get fitter

Can't join the gym? Get a fitness DVD. Go for a jog. Cut down on unhealthy food. A fitter body definitely makes you happier. You don't have to be a slim to be healthy. Find ways to get active, that's the challenge!

5. Re-kindle a dream

Have you always wanted to write? Or visit a particular place? Re-look at the dreams you pushed to the back of your mind, and choose one that you can aim at fulfilling. It may take time, but every journey starts with the first step.

6. Try a new activity with your kids

Don't just go swimming or cycling. How about paintball or wall rock climbing, or skateboarding? Not only do you get to spend quality time with your kids, they'll think you're super! Look at what your local area offers, and pick something you've never done together. It will be fun, I promise!

7. Change the routine

I know, you've worked hard to set up your current routine. But I'm not talking about the routine that you need to follow for practical purposes (like bed time and school). Often, we fall into routines for other things too, without knowing it. How about swapping movie night with a fun board game, for instance? Find little things to do differently now and then.

8. Overcome a fear

Do you worry about leaving the kids for a weekend trip with girl friends? Are you afraid of applying for an interview? Don't let the worries and fears hold you back. Life isn't worth having regrets. If things don't work out, at least you will be able to say you tried.

9. Make a new friend or reach out to a lost one

Go and say hello to the nice mom who always smiles back at you at the playground. It does get harder to make new friends as we get older, but that's really up to us. Or, is there a good friend you simply lost touch with? Or maybe you had an argument that now seems insignificant? Make the first move, and contact them.

10. Make an investment, for yourself

Is there something you feel could change your life for the better? A new laptop, or a gadget that could save you time, maybe? While some things may feel out of reach because of financial limitations, they can be aimed for with the right planning. Set aside a small amount regularly and it could become withing reach.

How are you going to challenge yourself today?

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