Busy Hands: Cardboard Tube Printmaking

This activity is perfect for using foam stickers in an easy way, just how we like it! We used an old cardboard tube that you can get from kitchen paper towels, aluminium foil, or cling wrap. The foam stickers should be easy to get at a craft or stationery store, or you can cut them out yourself from foam sheets.

Cardboard Tube Printmaking

This activity is really simple but lots of fun! Stick the foam stickers on a cardboard tube, leaving enough space between them so that the prints stand out. Next, have your child paint over the stickers with a brush. We used regular art paint, but you can also try my home made paint recipe if you are worried about them tasting it.

Printmaking activity for toddlers using a cardboard tube

I gave Little Dude a large sheet of paper to print on, and he seemed to like this new way of painting. I don't have the best pictures, because it is hard to capture a fast-moving toddler!

Print stamping with a cardboard tube

Here's the finished artwork, which can be used to make greeting cards, wrapping paper, craft paper, or anything you like! The best part is that you can get a variety of stickers to suit your child's interests, so there are many creative possibilities.

Prints made with a cardboard tube

If your toddler likes creative painting, you can also try this Kitchen Tools Painting activity.

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