M is for...M&M's!

This photo has been taken from our trip to the UK last year. We visited M&M's World in Leicester Square which is just amazing! Can you imagine four levels of chocolates and merchandise in varying shades of bright colours? Even if you are not a fan of the candy (like me, I prefer the naturally coloured Smarties!), you'll be in awe of this store. In fact, it is listed as a tourist attraction on TripAdvisor, so it was on my list of things to see. That trip was actually our first real vacation after Little Dude was born, and we managed to see quite a few things like Stonehenge and Edinburgh, despite travelling with a toddler.

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MyLifeMyLove said...

Wow, I'd love to visit there! scrummy! #alphabetphoto

JessMcGlynn said...

Gosh I didn't even know this existed...looks fab! #alphabetphoto

sustainablemum said...

Sounds like an intriguing place :)

Tas D said...

Yummm I could easily take a bite out of one of them

Roshni Aamom said...

Wow! A kid's paradise, for sure!!

Lou's Lake Views said...

Sounds awesome! great M :-D

Kriss MacDonald said...

Looks great fun - but I'm with you that I prefer the naturally coloured smarties.

Christine @afamilyday said...

My kids loved M&M world but I wasn't so keen. I guess I'm just not the target audience!

Mike said...

Oh lordy this would be a disaster for me because I would be trying to eat the displays!! So, I assume all of you were able to get lots of samples, Tarana?? :)

Tarana said...

No samples, Mike! But lots on sale. Luckily, Little Dude wasn't interested in eating candy at that age, but he loved the colours.

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