Busy Hands: Autumn Print Leaf Mobile

Autumn is creeping in here in Dubai, but we hardly get to see the beautiful fall colours associated with the season. I love the way autumn l...


How Expat Families Can Retain Cultural Roots

India, where we are originally from, is a country with a variety and depth of culture. It would be truly hard to know all the traditions a...


Top Sites For Copyright-Free Photos

You may be a fantastic writer, but as a blogger, your graphics and images get you noticed. Good writing is in no way dying, but you can'...


T is for...Trucks

If there's one thing Little Dude loves more than Mom and Dad, it's trucks! It doesn't come as a surprise to us, considering t...


Toddler Tales (30): Train Ride

Little Dude loves trains. We find them everywhere in Dubai. Whenever we visit a park, we usually take a ride on the mini train ( Creek Par...


Busy Hands: Bottle Top Spiders

I love giving a new life to old things, which is why recycled crafts are a favourite of mine - such as this Cardboard Tube Printmaking , Cer...


S is for...Sun and Sand

The beaches at Dubai are undoubtedly beautiful, but we were lucky to visit the pristine beaches on the East coast of the UAE last weekend...


Busy Hands: Shiny Star Card for Dad!

It was my husband's birthday last week, and this year, I really wanted Little Dude to make his own card for Dad! My toddler was definite...


Eleven Ideas For Everyday Learning

Today, I'm happy to be hosting a very talented mom and blogger, Angelina. She's a mom of eight, blogger, former homeschooler, singer...


R is for...Red

If the sight of this red car growing flowers stumps you, I don't blame your confusion! This is just one of the many wondrous and fasc...


Busy Hands: Alphabet Matching Activity (and Free Printable)

Learning the alphabet doesn't have to be limited to flash cards and books. There are so many engaging activities that toddlers and presc...


Eight Reasons Why Grandparents Are Special

Grandparents Day is being celebrated on September 7 in the USA and I thought this would be a good opportunity to acknowledge these wonderfu...


Q is for...Quaint

During our vacation to the UK  last year, we managed to fit in an overnight trip to Edinburgh, Scotland. I loved everything about this ci...


Toddler Tales (29): Telling Stories

I believe in the power of stories. I loved them as a child, and I started reading to Little Dude pretty early because I wanted him to beli...


Ten Things To Do In Dubai With Kids

The city of Dubai is a wonderful place to visit with kids. If your child has a fantasy, chances are, they can be fulfilled in this city more...

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