Busy Hands: Alphabet Matching Activity (and Free Printable)

Learning the alphabet doesn't have to be limited to flash cards and books. There are so many engaging activities that toddlers and preschoolers can do to master the letters, at their own pace. I have mentioned it before, learning through play is one of the best ways to learn, and also a technique that creates more sticky memories.

We did this Alphabet Matching activity that was fun in so many ways. It's as much fun setting up the materials as it is doing the activity itself!

Alphabet Matching Activity with Letter Cut-Outs (and Free Printable)

Here's how we did this Alphabet Matching Activity:

Cut out letters from newspapers and magazines. Try to find as many types of clear fonts and colours as you can. Children can help with this prep by identifying and cutting out the letters, depending on their level of skills. 

On the Alphabet Matching sheet  (see below for free printable) or a plain sheet on which you've written the alphabets, let your child paste the alphabets from the cut-out letters at the right places. This doesn't have to be done in order. In fact, I would encourage doing it randomly.

I laid out the printed Alphabet Matching Sheet and the letters side by side (right side up) for Little Dude.

Alphabet Matching Activity with Letter Cut-Outs (and Free Printable)

He did pretty well in identifying the letters from among the various fonts and styles, with a little help from me here and there! I think he enjoyed the pasting part the most.

Alphabet Matching Toddler Activity

He was very happy with the completed sheet and has proudly displayed it for all to see!

Completed Alphabet Matching Sheet with Letter Cut-Outs

I'm happy to be offering you my first free printable with this activity! 

Download the Alphabet Matching Sheet here.

Once you have clicked on the link, it will open in Google Drive. There is no log in required. You can either download the printable by clicking on the arrow (for printing later), or print directly by clicking on the print icon. The file is in PDF format, you will have to use Adobe Reader if you are downloading it to open and print later.

If your download doesn't start when you click on the arrow, check if a pop-up has been blocked, and allow it on your browser for Google Drive.

This activity is good for:

- Identifying letters of the alphabet.

- Promoting cutting and pasting skills.

- Identifying different styles, which will help develop reading skills.

I hope you have fun trying this out with your kids! 

(Busy Hands is a series about activities and craft 
you can do with toddlers and young children).

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