How Expat Families Can Retain Cultural Roots

India, where we are originally from, is a country with a variety and depth of culture. It would be truly hard to know all the traditions and festivals celebrated in India, but the majority of them are very much national celebrations.

Being expats in Dubai, we miss out on most of these. We do wish we were back home during those times, but I especially worry about Little Dude missing out on them. We do what we can to keep our culture a part of lives here, but he's still too young to appreciate it all. I do hope, as he grows up, that will be curious about his home country.

It's not easy to keep in touch with your roots as expats, but with a little effort it can be done. I'm happy to be featured on Multicultural Kid Blogs, where I have shared seven ways in which expat parents can help their children show an interest in, and learn about their original culture.

Go on, and read it to find out!
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Lexis said...

That is so interesting. I'll definitely go over and have a read :)

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