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Edinburgh old book shop

During our vacation to the UK last year, we managed to fit in an overnight trip to Edinburgh, Scotland. I loved everything about this city. It certainly has a 'un-city' like feel to it, because it is seeped in history. A bit like my home town Delhi, but better! I took a photo of this quaint book shop from our bus tour. I imagine that an old man runs this shop, lost in time. It makes me a little sad that shops like these are quite rare to find. In fact, I would love to spend my retirement running a quaint old shop like this, something that people stop to look at and wonder, as if it's just being there is a marvel!

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MylifeMylove said...

What a super photo for such a lovely word. The shop looks so small and must have so much history inside; i'd love to have a browse. x #alphabetphoto

Merlinda Little said...

Places like this makes the world a wee bit better place. There's comfort in finding places that are not affected too much by industrialization =) #alphabetphoto

afra willmore said...

Lovely- I like your imagery with the idea of the owner.

Lou's Lake Views said...

Oooh looks like a fab place for a rummage. I agree, it's a shame that places like this are being lost.

Tarana said...

Me too, unfortunately I couldn't get off the bus at the time!

Tarana said...

It does look like it's been there for quite a while, doesn't it?

Tarana said...

That's exactly what I like about it!

Tarana said...

Thank you, Afra!

Tarana said...


Kriss MacDonald said...

I love old book shops like these! They need to be supported so that towns are not just filled with high street brands.

Sara (@mumturnedmom) said...

This photo has brightened my day! I know the shop :) It was lovely to see it pop up on my screen xx #alphabetphoto

over40andamumtoone said...

I love this kind of shop. We have a family run book shop in town - love it #alphabetphoto

Faiza N said...

It just makes me so nostalgic. Reminds me of an old library near my home back home in Chennai

Tarana said...

I love them too, they really must be preserved!

Tarana said...

Oh, I'm delighted to hear that you know this shop, of course you do :)

Craig Knowles-Smith said...

Little shops like that are still fab little places of wonder lost to all the big shops in the towns and cities #alphabetproject

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