R is for...Red

Car with flowers at Dubai Miracle Garden

If the sight of this red car growing flowers stumps you, I don't blame your confusion! This is just one of the many wondrous and fascinating attractions at Dubai's Miracle Garden. Every year during the cooler months, this garden opens up to visitors with millions of flowers (45 million is the quoted figure) blooming! If you visit Dubai sometime during October to April, this place is one you must not miss. It's hard to believe that you're actually standing where a desert should be.

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MylifeMylove said...

Wow, I keep staring at the photo, trying to work it out! What a fab place to go and visit. x #alphabetphoto

Little Steps said...

That is amazing! I think that's the best container garden and idea I've ever seen! :) #alphabetphoto.

Tarana said...

It certainly is unique, isn't it?!

Cheryl said...

Fun and thought provoking. Had a relation that grew tomatoes in her old VW Beetle, but that was above ground. If only she had seen this version! #AlphabetPhoto

Merlinda Little said...

Wow thats interesting to say the least. Dubai is always marvelous in creating something magical like this! Wish I can go =) #AlphabetPhoto

sustainablemum said...

That's brilliant, although I am guessing it uses a lot of water which is not so brilliant! Our local garage has a version on the forecourt, it is rather saggy now think the plants and soil are rather heavy!

Tarana said...

Haha, maybe you should give her this idea!

Tarana said...

I hope your wish comes true!

Tarana said...

You must come!

Tarana said...

I agree about the use of water, but where there;s money, it will flow!

Sara (@mumturnedmom) said...

This is a fabulous image, so interesting and unusual x

Elizabeth said...

What an intriguing planter! Yes, I was stumped! #AlphabetPhoto

over40andamumtoone said...

That's just so bizarre - only in Dubai :)

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