Eight Reasons Why Grandparents Are Special

Grandparents Day is being celebrated on September 7 in the USA and I thought this would be a good opportunity to acknowledge these wonderful figures in our children's lives. We may not always see eye to eye with our parents, but more often than not, our children seem to get along with them just fine!

There's truly a special bond between grandparents and children. I can imagine that it must feel special to see the children of your offspring. Or, as I like to think, it brings the fun of parenting into their lives without the hard work!

Childhood is enriched by having loving adults apart from parents. These adults may be aunts or uncles, teachers, or family friends, but grandparents take the top spot if they are around (and supportive). We all lead busy lives, but as parents, it's important that we give our children many opportunities to build lasting memories with their Grandma or Grandpa.

Being an expat, I feel this missing in our lives as both sets of Little Dude's grandparents are in another country. But we try to keep their presence in our lives by talking about them, making phone calls, and Skype, when they figure out how to make it work!.

Eight Reasons Why Grandparents Are Special

There are so many reasons why grandparents are special, whether you're a grandchild or the parent. Here are eight of them:

1. They like to spoil 

Rules are meant to be broken in Grandma's and Grandpa's home. The kids get to stay up late, have dessert before lunch, and skip a nap or two. We may pull our hair out at the anarchy, but grandparents know how to make the kids happy by spoiling them rotten.

2. They give yummy treats

Grandma's muffins or Grandpa's pancakes are probably rated higher by your kids than what you whip up at home. They do seem to have a special edge in the cooking department, and always give the most delicious treats. With one helping too many!

3. They like to give gifts

Oh, the gifts! They just happen to pick up whatever catches their fancy, and kids do love getting gifts. Sometimes, the gifts don't fit, but their hearts are always in the right place.

4. They side with the kids

When you are at Grandma's house, you can expect to see your progeny gang up with your parents. Lethal combination! Your mom or dad will always side with the kids, and you'll just have to give up. And the kids know it, so they use their allies to get whatever they wouldn't back home.

5. They give us a break

Whether it's a date night or an anniversary retreat, you'll always be at ease knowing that the kids are with their grandparents. Even if you know that they are probably eating candy and watching television past bedtime.

6. They take the festive stress off

Grandparents love getting the family together and hosting holiday parties. That's a big weight off your shoulders. Hosting a riot of relatives under one roof in no mean task. More so, the kids aren't throwing up on your carpet!

7. They tell the best stories

This is probably the best thing about grandparents. Their have unique stories to tell our children. Something we could never make up for. Even if it is a story from your childhood, it always sounds different coming from them. Stories are how a wealth of memories get passed on to a new generation.

8. They have an old school charm

Maybe Grandma likes to sew dresses for your daughter. Or Grandpa made your son a wagon. Even if you had the skills to do these things, you would probably never get the time to sit down and do it. Anything made by the grandparents is extra special, and is usually treasured by the kids. Whether it's the way they talk, or the things they do, they are reminiscent of another time.

This Grandparents Day, let the kids tell them how special they are.

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