T is for...Trucks

Truck paper cut outs

If there's one thing Little Dude loves more than Mom and Dad, it's trucks! It doesn't come as a surprise to us, considering that his first word was car. All his games involve trucks and he can identify most types. Even his stories have a truck as the central character! This photo was taken when we were doing our favourite cut and paste activity. I let him cut his own shapes with coloured paper, and then glue them on a sheet. Sometimes, I cut shapes for him to put together, like this one. When I asked Little Dude what he wanted to make, he said monster trucks! So, monster trucks it was.

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Lexis said...

lol, that is so great. My little guy doesn't seem to have the truck fascination yet. He much prefers his books and music.

Cheryl said...

My boy was obsessed by tractors, when he was little. Due to us being surrounded by farms, I'm sure. #AlphabetPhoto

Tarana said...

That's interesting, sounds like my son!

Tarana said...

Good for him!

Tarana said...

Incidentally, we are surrounded by construction vehicles!

Cheryl said...

I see a pattern forming.

Faiza N said...

Subhanallah! My son's first word was car too! This is cute!

Sara (@mumturnedmom) said...

Brilliant! Love it when they get really in to something :) #alphabetphoto

Merlinda Little said...

Love his hands. Always creating something beautiful =) #alphabetphoto

Craig Knowles-Smith said...

And a fab monster truck it is too #Alphabetproject

Lou's Lake Views said...

So cute, my little ones had the same obsessions with trains and tractors, must be something about the letter T and little boys!

Tarana said...

He loves all things that go!

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