Toddler Tales (29): Telling Stories

Toddler Tales: Telling stories
I believe in the power of stories. I loved them as a child, and I started reading to Little Dude pretty early because I wanted him to believe in them too. He's been telling us quite a few stories lately. Mostly, they are what he's read in books, seen on television, or heard from us. The interesting part is that they are his versions of the stories. They tell me what he's interpreted from what he took in. I try to encourage him to tell me his stories by asking him often, and listen attentively every time he tells me one (even if I've heard it may times). Even when he's playing with his toys I ask him to tell me, if he's interested, what his toys are doing. Often, he goes into a narrative about an imagined situation involving his trucks! His favourite story is of a kitten getting stuck in a tree, and how a fireman and Mummy help it come down!

There are many ways to encourage storytelling in your toddler:

- Read them a book and ask them to tell you about it
- Ask them how their day went
- Give them a simple hypothetical situation (such as What would you do if you were a fireman?)
- Using hand made Storytelling Props and toys

(Toddler Tales are snippets of what I'm learning every day from my little one.)

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we3threeblog said...

yes i agree with you, its lovely to hear the main bits kids remember from stories. we've read to my son since he was really young too, nothing like snuggling down in bed with a story books...such lovely times. #LetKidsBeKids

Tarana said...

We love doing it too!

Gina Jacobs Thomas said...

My daughter's stories rely on her ability to live in an alternate universe, the one where closed-eyes for 2 minutes constitute a nap, so we take her stories with a grain of salt. But man, are they elaborate!

Louisa said...

My kids like to tell each other stories and make up little adventures for their toys that they narrate to me. It's so cute but gives them a chance to exercise their imagination. #letkidsbekids

Redpeffer said...

I agree totally-both my two have re-told their own stories and it's lovely to hear. My daughter told a story aged 3 to some German tourists in a French chateau somewhat bizarrely-they loved it and applauded!

Merlinda Little said...

Since we only have few books by the bed my son knows their stories by heart and now he is the one who is reading them to me. #letkidsbekids

Karen Bell said...

Storytelling with children is great fun and good for them. I read to all my kids from tiny babies as I wanted them to learn to enjoy books and to use their imagination. I should spend more time asking them about the books though, thanks for the reminder.
Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

Tarana said...

I know exactly what you mean!

Tarana said...

That sounds like a great way to get them to use their imagination!

Tarana said...

That's a interesting story!

Tarana said...

That sounds like a good thing!

Lystra Maisey said...

We have always read lots of stories and now little man is starting to make up his own-yesterday it featured cucumber cake! Really enjoying your blog, and love listening to their stories xxx

Jane Roberts said...

This is lovely, I always wonder what Ethan make of the world around him and you are able to ask. It's fantastic that he is so happy to tell you his stories, really hope his communication with you never stops. Even when he is a moody teenages ;0)

Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

Tarana said...

Cucumber cake? How interesting! Glad to hear you like my blog :)

Tarana said...

Thank you, Jane, it really is interesting to hear his creative thoughts!

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