Play time at Fun City!

We only started visiting soft play areas some time after Litte Dude turned two. He never did show an interest in them earlier, preferring the openness of parks and beaches. He still loves the outdoors, but has come to appreciate the fun to be had in soft play! So we have been frequenting them, especially since the weather has been so hot.

We were recently invited to visit Fun City at Oasis Centre, Dubai. This is a huge indoor play area (about 23,000 square feet of it!) for kids of all ages. This is the largest Fun City in Dubai, while the largest one in United Arab Emirates is in Bawadi Mall, Abu Dhabi.

We charged our Fun City card and of course, headed to soft play. PlayZone is geared towards children older than four, but is great for active toddlers too, under supervision.

As soon as we set foot in it, Little Dude was off exploring and was a little hard to catch up with! He had fun coming down the long slide, and quickly ran in to see what else he could find. He was fascinated by the floating ball machine, in which you can put in soft balls and see them go up in the air. He sat in a rotating ride and liked that too.

There were two levels to play in and a ball pit, which no soft play is complete without. The lowest level has games for younger kids.

What I like about PlayZone is that it is quite spacious than a lot of other soft play areas in popular malls. The passages are wide, and there's enough room for children to run around without bumping into each other too much. It is also reasonably priced at AED 42 for the whole day, another good thing, as most play areas charge by the hour.

Having had bounced around, I took Little Dude to try out the Kiddie Rides. My truck-loving son was happy to see a Dumper Truck ride! These were also quite reasonably priced at AED 4 a go, so kids can go a few times without using up too much credit.

After lunch, we decided to explore the Fun n' Learn soft play area which is catered towards babies and young children. I figured this would be a great place for him to wind down after all that excitement. And it was just that.

This section has lot of toys and activities for quiet play. Little Dude was immediately drawn to the mini trucks, but he also likes pretend food so he spent the afternoon cooking up quite a few meals! There are also pretend play costumes, building blocks, and books to keep little ones busy here. It costs AED 30 to enter, and again, is valid for the whole day.

 I think Little Dude loved this place a lot, because he didn't want to leave!

We tried a few other games such as whack-a-mole, and a ride on the bumper car with Dad at the wheel. The bumper car is another bargain at AED 9 per car, so two people can ride at that price.

There are Big Rides for older kids and dozens of arcade games to choose from. 

I'm sure older kids don't like leaving this place either, because they seemed to be really engrossed in their games! (But I haven't taken any pictures of other children to respect their privacy.)

We visited Fun City again later, and were happy to see a few new additions, including a water ride that's suitable for toddlers. Little Dude loved this ride!

If you are looking to spend a day out with your kids, Fun City is a great place to visit because it has something for all age groups. 

In fact, Fun City recently won at the Time Out Dubai Kids Awards for Best Kids Entertainment Centre. 

Need another reason to go? 

They have a promotion running on Powercard Packages. If you pay AED 100, you get AED 50 extra credit on your card. On AED 150, you get AED 100 extra, and on AED 250, you get AED 200 extra, These offers may not be valid at all outets, so check with them when you visit. 

Check out Fun City locations here, and visit their website for details on promotions, birthday party packages, and school tours.

We were invited to visit Fun City, but all views and opinions are my own. .

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Mike said...

Oh lordy I can still be one of the biggest, older kids I know, Tarana. I haven't been to an arcade for several years but you just reminded me for my friends and I to have another get together and to out for dinner and some games in the near future I hope! They are so much fun. Awesome post:)

Tarana said...

A day out with friends at the arcade sounds great!

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