Five Tips Friday: Improving your Facebook Page reach

One of the biggest challengers for bloggers today is keeping up with the ever-changing Facebook algorithm. Only recently, Facebook said it w...


Things I would want my son to know...

Do you ever wonder what your children will be like as adults? I have this thought about Little Dude frequently. I have a broad vision of h...


20 Holiday Cards To Make With Kids

Like the tradition of writing letters by hand, I love making cards of my own. Sadly, this practice is dying rapidly, and may already be exti...


My son is ten, going on twenty! (Guest Post)

I'm happy to share the second post in Adventures in Parenting , a guest series about the unique perspective and experience each of us ga...


Ten ways to stay motivated as a blogger

Blogging isn't for the weak of heart. After working day and night, sometimes a thoughtless comment or a drop in pageviews can make you f...


Busy Hands: Snowman Texture Art

Winter is upon us, and Christmas is around the corner (can I say that?), so I couldn't resist preparing a snowman art project for Little...


Five Tips Friday: Traveling with a toddler

This is the first in my new weekly series called Five Tips Friday , in which I'll share five quick tips on a range of subjects, from par...


Six things my toddler learned from Peppa Pig!

As it turns out, Little Dude has a new favourite show. This is a relief for me, because the only show he used to watch was Let's Go Poco...


Busy Hands: Pasta Counting Activity

With numbers and letters, reinforcement and practice are important for children. But I like the challenge of coming up with something new ea...


Six Positive Phrases For Toddlers

Positive communication is the cornerstone of a healthy parent-child relationship. Even if toddlers can't articulate all that they feel, ...


Z is for...Zebra

I'm not a fan of seeing big animals in small cages, which is why I liked the Emirates Park and Zoo we visited earlier this year in A...


Busy Hands: Incy Wincy Spider Craft

"Incy Wincy spider climbed up the water spout..." I've been singing this rhyme to Little Dude since he was a baby, and he al...

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