Mom's Little Secret: A handy guide for new moms (Review)

Becoming a new mom is an experience filled equally with joy, and fear. Having a newborn in your life consumes all your energy, and thinking straight can be a bit of a task during that time! A new mom needs all the support she can get, but sometimes, it can also be a little too much.

Think about the times you were given conflicting advice on parenting. Doctors, midwives, family and friends can all have their own thoughts on the way children should be raised. But in the end, it's your own instincts that you should trust.

A book or guide can also come in handy for when you quickly want to know what to do. I was given a copy of Mom's Little Secret, a book which has been written as a guide for moms. It's been launched by Babyshop, a name you would know well if you stay in the Middle East - its' a store which has everything you need for a child under one roof!

Leafing through the book, I found much more information that I expected to see. The book itself is handy enough for you to carry in a diaper bag, but covers everything from pregnancy care to potty training a toddler. In effect, you could find it useful from the moment you discover your pregnancy until your child is three years old.

Mom's Little Secret has advice from 27 experts from the region, including Eva Taylor, certified pre and postnatal yoga instructor at Zen Yoga; Andrea Allen, founder of Doting Doulas; Sheena Wilson, director of The Wilson Centre for Children; Dr. Wafa B Sulaiman AL Nassiri, consultant OBGYN, Medcare Hospital Jumeirah; and Cecile de Scally, trained midwife and founder of Baby Sense Dubai. These are all familiar and well-regarded names in the UAE, so you know that the articles have some weight in them.

The book is colour coded into six sections:
- Prenatal
- Postnatal
- Paediatric (1-18 months)
- Paediatric (18-36 months)
- Child Safety
- Lifestyle

The main focus of this book is on the prenatal and postnatal part, so it is ideal for first time mothers. Of course, every baby is different, and a guide like this cannot cover every aspect. Especially on subjects like breastfeeding and sleep, the information is available, but it is you who can decide what's best for your baby. Do note that apart from the articles, there are a few advertorials as well.

Some of the articles I liked best in the book are:

What to pack for your hospital bag: This has a complete checklist of things you may require during and after birth.

Pregnancy Milestones: This has details for each month, and separate milestones for mom and baby.

No need to panic: Care for common ailments, and when you should call your pediatrician.

Home safety: Tips of keeping children safe, and how to babyproof your house.

High heels and a diaper bag: Balancing a career and motherhood. It has tips and advice from working mothers.

A good thing about this book is that, apart from experts, it has tips and advice from everyday moms about their experiences. In an article on bonding with baby, one mother says,

" My daughter was born prematurely, and I felt numb at first. 
Later, I looked at her and saw an angel who needed me."

Moms have also shared their opinions on products they recommend, such as strollers and car seats. There is detailed information on going out and about with your baby, and car safety.

While many products have been included in the book, it is not a catalogue. There is no pricing or availability information, which may be a good thing, since that would have distracted the reader from the real purpose of the book.

Overall, I found Mom's Little Secret a book to have beside you for quick reference on most matters that you may need advice on. Not just for moms, this book is a guide for dads too.

The good news is that this book is available for free across Babyshop stores in the UAE in English and Arabic editions! If you can't find a copy, you can read it online on the Babyshop website, and also download it there. For quicker reference, you can also download the apps for this book on your Android phone or iPhone

If you are a new mom or mom-to-be, get your hands on Mom's Little Secret while it's available. It would also make a nice gift for new parents.

I was provided a copy of this book for review, but all views and opinions are my own.

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Lexis said...

I think every mum should have one of these parenting advise books. The ones that I used was Up the Duff and Kid-wrangling by Kaz Cooke. Helped me through it all.

Tarana said...

Thanks for sharing those books, and yes, a good book for a new parent can be a great help.

Mike said...

Ah ha! I've gotten a new pregnant mom at work. Sending this to her to check out! Thank you, Tarana :)

Tarana said...

Thank you for that, I'm sure they'll find it useful!

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