Family Eats: Fun and flavourful Japanese cuisine at Wagamama

I don't usually blog about food, but I do love eating and trying out new places! Since we have a toddler, eating out isn't the most relaxing experience. Sometimes, eating is the last thing we do when eating out because we are so focused on getting Little Dude to eat amid distractions! That's why I would like to share family-friendly restaurants in and around the UAE for parents like us. 

Family Eats is a series where I will review restaurants and food establishments that are great for taking kids along to. 

Did you know that Wagamama means 'naughty child'? When we entered the restaurant at The Green Village in The Greens, Dubai, it definitely had a relaxed atmosphere to it. The weather was lovely to take advantage of their outside seating, but we decided to sit indoors on their trademark benches.

Review of Wagamama, The Greens, Dubai

I'm always nervous taking Little Dude to any restaurant because if he doesn't 'like' it, he demands to go back home! To my relief, this wasn't the case with Wagamama as the staff instantly engaged him in conversation, and handed him a Hoshi colouring sheet and crayons. That definitely made him happy, and that's one big star for Wagamama on the family-friendly aspect!

As for the food, I really didn't know what to expect as Wagamama promised 'fresh, fast, asian food'. Well, fast food isn't exactly the epitome of good cooking, but this is where Wagamama surprised us. Their food is creatively put together, and presented beautifully. It's nothing that you would associate with fast food.

Jeneffer, who served us, expertly guided me through the menu, and made a few recommendations. They have recently introduced a new kids menu with the Hoshi character (meaning 'star' in Japanese) exclusively designed for them. For Little Dude, we ordered the mini grilled noodles, and the mini juice (apple and orange).

He only reluctantly agreed to wear the bib presented to him by Jeneffer. I am happy to say that he loved his meal! The chicken was soft and juicy, and the noodles weren't too stretchy, and easy for him to bite. The amai sauce for sweet enough for him to drench his noodles in and enjoy them! The chicken and noodles were served with julienned carrots and cucumber, and sweet corn. Little Dude even tried out the 'Snacksticks' given to him, which were a kind of chopsticks easy for kids to eat with.

Wagamama also has new dishes on their main menu, and we tried a few of them. For starters, we ordered the lollipop prawn kushiyaki, chilli squid, and chicken yakitori.

The lollipop prawns had a lovely lemongrass flavour, and the lime drizzle made it a very delectable dish.

The chilli squid is one of their most ordered starters, and I liked the crispy batter, and not-too-spicy flavour.

The chicken yakitori was soft and succulent, and the spring onion stems gave it a great bite. The yakitori sauce wasn't too sweet, and perfectly complemented the chicken.

Wagamama also has a range of fresh juices and I really enjoyed my carrot-ginger juice, while the husband loved his apple, mint, and lime juice.

All this while, Little Dude was happy exploring the different elements of the dish, and the staff checked on him often.

We decided to skip the salads, because we were quite full of the starters already, but the coconut chicken and green papaya salad, and the apple and coriander beef salad sound so good, I'd love to try them next time we eat there!

For the main course, we ordered raisukaree and wagamama pad-thai.

Our wagamama pad-thai was served with chicken and prawns, and tasted fresh and delicious. It was rich with ingredients and contrasting flavours of vegetables, chillies, peanuts, and lime.

The raisukaree was a dish of delicately flavoured chicken in coconut and lime curry. Don't let the red pepper worry you - the dish was spiced just right!

By this time, Little Dude was off the high chair and on my lap tasting the chicken curry and rice!

He then asked for 'ice cream' and we were quite full too (minus the mandatory dessert space!). We ordered the vanilla pod ice cream with caramel for Little Dude, which was served in a kids-sized bowl for him to have.

Our meal ended perfectly with the awesome chocolate and chilli banana mousse cake. The soft mouse and the biscuit base made a great combination for this dessert.

We know we'll be returning to Wagamama soon because we had a good time as a family, and it offers the right ambiance for children and families to dine in. The staff is friendly towards children, and the special menu for kids has lots of yummy and healthy choices.

Find out more about Wagamama, and their menu on

In the UAE, Wagamama has three locations in Dubai:
- Crowne Plaza, Sheikh Zayed Road
- Al Fattan Towers, Dubai Marina
- Community Centre, The Greens

We were invited to dine at Wagamama, but all views and opinions are my own.

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