Five Tips Friday: Traveling with a toddler

This is the first in my new weekly series called Five Tips Friday, in which I'll share five quick tips on a range of subjects, from parenting, blogging, social media, travel, or whatever catches my fancy!

I know that the mere thought of traveling with a toddler makes parents break out into a sweat. We never traveled when Little Dude was a baby, so taking him on holiday as a toddler was an adventure, to say the least! We've managed a few trips since then, so heading on a flight with him doesn't sound like a mad plan to me anymore.

Five Tips Friday: Tips for traveling with a toddler

Here are five tips for traveling on an airplane with a toddler:

1. Carry a separate backpack

Don't try to stuff one handbag with everything you need on the flight. Have a separate trolley bag for your toddler. Not only will he or she have fun pulling it along, it will be easier for you to take out things they need quickly.

2. Take lots of dry food

Long waiting periods can make kids hungry. Carry food and snacks that won't get soggy or stale over time. Dry cereals, crackers, raisins, granola bars, and such are good choices. Don't worry too much about nutrition when traveling, just stay away from too much sugar.

3. Don't be afraid to ask for extras

When on board the plane, feel free to ask the staff for extra blankets, different meal times, or a large bottle of water. In my experience, most flight attendants are helpful with kids, and if they aren't, don't bother with that airline again (and be sure to leave feedback too)!

4. Keep a change of clothes

A full set of extra clothes for toddlers is essential, but you must also pack an extra shirt or top for yourself. Everyone knows that most 'accidents' happen on Mom or Dad! And while we are on the subject of messes, keep loads of tissues and wet wipes.

5. Pack a surprise

The one thing that has always worked when traveling with my toddler is to surprise him with a new toy or book at the airport or in the flight. This is enough to keep him distracted for hours. It doesn't even need to be an expensive gift. You know it's going to be hard to get it from under an airline seat anyway!

Feel free to add your tips below.

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Mummy Tries said...

Fab tips here, thanks for sharing :-) #PoCoLo

Merlinda Little said...

A nice list! I agree that just for comfort dont worry about nutrients as you can do that after the flight. But so true about not a lot of sugar. We dont want overly perky kid as well =P #pocolo

Super Busy Mum said...

What a great list! I took all five of my children on holiday over the summer, one being a toddler and it can be super stressful but little distractions help to make the experience a smooth {ish} one! haha

Tarana said...


Tarana said...

Hope you had a great holiday! Yes, distractions really do work :)

Andy Davis said...

Great tips, thanks for sharing. Something that has been magic for us in the past is to wrap up some of their favourite (small) toys and have them in a carry on bag. Then whenever things get wobbly the can have a little present to open. #PoCoLo

Victoria Welton said...

Absolutely brilliant tips - I have learnt the spare clothes tip the hard way!! Thank you for linking to PoCoLo :) x

Lysa @ Welcome to My Circus said...

Wonderful tips for parents planning to travel with their toddlers. I remember traveling with my daughters' when they were toddlers and packing surprises for them to keep them entertained. Dry food is a MUST as well to keep them happy! Thanks for sharing. #PoCoLo
Wishing you a lovely weekend!

Tarana said...

That's such a good idea!

Tarana said...

We all learn these things the hard way!

Tarana said...

Thanks, and hope you are having a great weekend too!

Catherine said...

Love the new feature, these are some good tips!

Zena's Suitcase said...

Great tips, will look forward to following this series!

sleepingshouldbeeasy said...

Aw, I really liked these tips, Tarana—very unique, especially the surprise one. We're planning a road trip in several months so I might just do that. I love the individual backpack idea, too.

Tarana said...

I hope some of these tips help you have a good trip!

minitravellers said...

Just found your blog and look forward to following. #sharewithme

Let's Talk Mommy said...

Love this I have blogged alot about travelling with my baby and toddler. Your tips are spot on and so helpful for sure! Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. I love all your advice, tips and educating me most of the time too! #sharewithme

Louise Fairweather said...

I always forget to put enough snacks in x

Coombe Mill (Fiona) said...

Good tips, we avoided planes until ours were older. Great when everything goes on time and you are well prepared like this. #Sharewithme

MeltedBlueberries said...

Excellent Ideas thank you. Failing that you could just sit them near me. I'm not keen on flying. My screwed up face as I grip the seat and get into the crash position before we have even left the runway is enough to keep most children entertained.

Louisa said...

Some great tips. For us we always take a change of clothes where ever we go because 2 of my children are terribly travel sick. Sourcing age appropriate remedies has been a help since the 10 year old still suffers with it. #sharewithme

Tarana said...

Thank you!

Tarana said...

You did a great job traveling with them on your own, I couldn't have done that!

Tarana said...

Haha, they are so important!

Tarana said...

There are still some surprises everytime!

Tarana said...


Tarana said...

It's tough dealing with motion sickness in kids, hope it gets better for your kids.

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