Ten ways to stay motivated as a blogger

Blogging isn't for the weak of heart. After working day and night, sometimes a thoughtless comment or a drop in pageviews can make you feel demotivated and run down. It happens to the best of us. There are many moments in blogging when you feel that you just aren't getting due recognition for the efforts you put in.

When these thoughts come, you need to pick yourself up, simply because no one else can do it for you. Don't fall into a cycle of self-pity, which is will only make matters worse. When you feel demotivated, you don't write as well, or you don't update your blog as often as you did. This naturally leads to a further downfall in numbers, and then you just want to give up. Stop right there!

Many blogs start off with a bang, and go off with a whimper. I have seen many blogs just die of neglect. This probably happens because bloggers set unrealistic goals at the beginning, and not enough hard work. As I said, blogging isn't an easy job!

Unless you set clear and achievable goals for yourself, and push yourself to do better, you put your blog at the risk of withering away.

Here are ten ways in which you can stay motivated while blogging:

Ten ways to stay motivated as a blogger

1. Re-look at your goals

Did you make a list of goals at the beginning of the year, or at least when you started blogging? Go back and look at it. This will refresh your vision of what you set out to do with your blog. It should be enough to motivate you to keep going. Didn't write any goals yet? There's no better time than now!

2. Just write, even if you don't publish

Sometimes, we are held back from writing exactly what we want to because the internet can be a ruthless place. Even well-meaning posts can be interpreted to mean something negative. So, the process of writing becomes heavy with fears of how people will react, and how politically correct we should be. And that can dampen your flow of thoughts and creativity. That's why, it's a good idea to just write when you want to get something out of your system. Let it remain in draft. And then go back and read it to see if you can edit it for publishing, or spin off a new post from it.

3. Tone down your schedule

It's easy to overload yourself with a never-ending list of tasks. But we're human after all, and sometimes, our minds just can't cope. Examine what you do everyday. and see what you can cut off or just reduce doing, even for a while. Stepping back from social media may bring back your blogging mojo!

4. Stop obsessing over stats

Unless monetization is your number one goal, don't check your stats every time you can! I only go back to check my statistics once in a while, and it helps me see my growth over a longer time frame rather than on a day-to-day basis, which can differ due to many external factors. Stats aren't a bad thing to analyse, but you can only make them grow gradually. There's no shortcut to genuine success.

5. Have a blogging calendar

It really helps to have a schedule in place, even if it's a broad one. Remember not to overdo it! Make a list of top priorities, and things you will do only if you have the time. Write down post ideas throughout the day, not just at a specific time. Try to update your blog a minimum number of times a week. Focus on the categories that are most important to you, and so on.

6. Read blogs you admire

Whenever I read an awesome post by a blogger I love, I just go wow and think of doing better the next time I write. Reading good bloggers has always motivated me to write, and I recommend taking out time to just read superb writing.

It really helps to have a schedule in place, even if it's a broad one. Remember not to overdo it![Tweet This]

7. Think outside the box for new ideas

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Your new post won't instantly materialize when you sit down to type. Make notes wherever you go, and think of different perspectives. The thinking process is as important as the writing itself.

8. Do something new

Don't get stuck in a rut. Who says you can't add a new category to your blog? Just because you have been writing about certain things doesn't mean you can't write about something new. As long as you present it well, your readers may like the new content. You can also do a bit of blogkeeping and make design changes where needed. That always motivates me!

9. Think of it as your business

Money may not be on your mind, but thinking of the blog as your venture or business will make you want to work harder on it. Think of your blog as an extension of your personality. Make it your goal to make your business grow, and give it the attention it deserves.

10. Meet other bloggers

It always feels great to meet a fellow blogger and talk about things only bloggers understand! You could attend a blog conference or workshop, meet a blogger for coffee, or even correspond on email. Connecting with other bloggers makes you feel good about being part of this community.

Think of your blog as an extension of your personality. Make it your goal to make your business grow.[Tweet This]

There's more! I asked bloggers to share what kept them going, and here are a few of their answers:

I love to write and blogging gives me that outlet. The connections I have with other bloggers also keep me going. Our blog posts are kind of like conversations between friends. 

My readers. So that means: Seeing my visits increase, reading comments, hearing how parents' lives were made easier because of something I wrote. That kind of stuff. Other than that, I love writing, marketing, and designing, so blogging is a great medium for all three. 

As long as I continue to see month over month growth (visitors and views), I figure I must be providing value to someone. That's the one thing that keeps me motivated. 

The reason I blog is self gratification. What motivates me is to tell the world what they are missing in this processed, fake world. It is exactly the same feeling when you've discovered something awesome in your backyard but none of the people in the house understand it's value. 

When something I have written resonates with a reader, when something I have written helps a reader or makes them smile. I get so much joy from my blog, it's lovely to know that a reader does too.
 - Kerri-Ann, Life As Our Little Family

My audience - even when I feel like I want to step away, I get an email, comment, or message that reminds me of how much the audience relies on my blog. It's an outlet for them just as
much as it is for me.
- Carin, Memoirs of a Clueless Woman

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Kim Carberry said...

Great tips!
I hardly look at the stats for my blog....Ignorance is bliss....hehehe
If I lose motivation I try to do something out of the ordinary with the kids.....It always seems to give me at least one blog post.

sleepingshouldbeeasy said...

I'd also like to add that forcing yourself to write can be a great way to get over a slump. Fine-tuning a skill isn't always about enjoying every minute of it. Sometimes we have to write, even if the end result is garbage. Plus sometimes it's not as bad as I initially thought :) Thanks for including me in your blog post!

Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Excellent tips & thanks for the mention! I used to get caught up in my stats. I have learned the hared way that just makes it worse!

Tarana said...

That's a great idea, Kim!

Tarana said...

Yes, I try to stick to my writing schedule no matter what!

Tarana said...

It does, and thanks for sharing your quote!

Kristi - Finding Ninee said...

I try so so hard to not look at stats and subscribers because even when that number drops by one, I wonder what I did wrong! Also, I'm not good at writing every day whether I publish or not. But I love this list and thank you so much for sharing!!

Tarana said...

I have realised that looking at stats never does me any good! But glad you liked my post :)

Gina Davis said...

thanks for the reminders; I just started using Trello for my editorial calendar and I am not use to checking out there yet for what's next. Think I need a posty.

Mike said...

This is a great list and I soooo agree with #'s 2, 3 and 4 as they have applied to me the most. Also with regards to #10 is to be interactive and support other bloggers through social media. Do it sincerely though. And also don't be a blog SKIMMER that picks a few sentences out or goes to the comments to see what other wrote - then write a comment to fish one back to your sight. You are doing fantastic, Tarana, and I ironically I was talking to my webmaster about your blog just the other day. I love how quick and reactive it is. Very user friend that way. I hope you are having a great week! :)

Coombe Mill (Fiona) said...

Great tips and funnily enough I'm just writing a post on stats, which I actually rarely look at! Popping over from share with Me

Sahil Parikh said...

Nice post. We use Brightpod's editorial calendar to stay on top of our content calendar :) Works well.

Complicated Gorgeousness said...

That is a great list. When I started I used to be always checking my stats. It helps that my blog is hit by spam so much that my stats make no sense and I don't understand google analytics haha

Seychellesmama said...

Fab post Tarana! So many great tips here! The stats thing, boy do I need to take that on board....honestly I'm a little state obsessed, it's the competitive person in me!! Thinking of your blog as a business is a great tip and something I've started doing, not in a money way necessarily but it gives it a bit more drive then just thinking of it as a hobby!! X

Claire Hall said...

This is a great post. I'm always writing down ideas when they pop into my head - my iPhone notes are crammed full of post material. It is really easy to get down about time constraints and neglecting your blog when life takes over. I've come to terms with this in the past few months and have actually upped my productivity. Less stress, more writing! :) x

Tarana said...

You make a very important point about being sincere in our comments. Thank you for your compliments about my blog :)

LauraEvelynBee said...

Great post with some really great tips.
Thank you! x


Tarana said...

I try not to check them too often, either!

Tarana said...

Thanks for the tip!

Tarana said...

Oh yes, the spam can be such a bother! Google Analytics isn't all that scary. You just need to focus on the main dashboard.

Tarana said...

Thank you! It has made a big difference to me since I started treated my blog as work.

Tarana said...

You can't always avoid life getting in the way, but the important thing is to continue being dedicated to the blog. Thanks for stopping by, Claire!

Merlinda Little said...

I was really feeling a bit down with the blog as I feel that I am not moving forward. Thanks for sharing this. Helps a lot =) #sharewithme

Tarana said...

It's a challenge for us all!

Tarana said...

Blogging has it's ups and downs, but I hope you won't let it get to you!

Let's Talk Mommy said...

As always your tips and advice are always spot on and just what I need at the time. Love this. I get so wrapped up in working so hard and get discouraged when the numbers fail or people stop stopping by even though I try to put my best out there. It's hard to ignore the stats but something I really need to do. I love it for what it is but I can get too wrapped up in it and do it every single day. But we are human no one can go on like that forever so I love the idea of a calendar and scaling back to what's important to me. Thanks for linking to Share With Me. I hope to see you again next week. #sharewithme

Tarana said...

Thanks, Jenny! The stats are important, and ideally, we should evaluate how our blogs are doing on a routine basis. But it can be a bit stressful to do it daily.

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