Things I would want my son to know...

Do you ever wonder what your children will be like as adults? I have this thought about Little Dude frequently.

I have a broad vision of how I want him to be as a person, but how much can I control that anyway? I can be an influence in his life, but I can't make him the person he is going to be. He will have his own set of experiences that will shape him as a human being, and I can only guide and support him as a mother.

So, I sat down to write a few things (six things, to be exact) that I would like my son to know in future. I may not be able to say these things to him then, and he will have a mind and heart of his own to follow. But I just needed to write them down, maybe in the hope that he reads my heartfelt thoughts one day.

I'm over at The Muddle-Headed Mamma blog today, with my post on Six things I want my son to know. Check it out at Lizzy's blog, where I'm sure you'll find lots more fantastic posts to read from a smart and dedicated single mom in Australia.

See you there!

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