Busy Hands: Easy New Year's Banner

If there's one thing you find yourself abundant in after the Holidays (apart from the extra weight!), it's got to be the wrapping paper. It's hard not to go overboard with buying those pretty printed sheets, even though you know you have enough at home to last you the next season!

Now, here's a way to put them to some use after all the presents have been wrapped and given away. It's a fun and simple activity for toddlers and preschoolers too.

Easy banner for New Year's - A wrapping paper craft for kids

These are the things you need to make a simple bunting style banner with wrapping paper:

1. Wrapping paper, cut in large squares

2. White card stock paper

3. String

4. Glue

5. Tape

6. Scissors

Here's how to make it:

1. Cut different types of wrapping paper into large squares, and then shape them into bunting-style triangles. Try to set them in a complementary pattern. It can be a little tricky to cut plastic wrapping paper in neat lines, so keep the shape simple. If kids are making it on their own, they can just use squares.

2. Cut out the alphabets from the white card. The thicker paper will help the banner 'settle' instead of flapping too much. We cut out 'HAPPY 2015!'. I didn't cut out the letters perfectly to give it a handwritten look, but you can use a stencil.

An easy banner for kids to make at New Year's

3. Stick on the letters to the wrapping paper with glue. This was the fun part for Little Dude! He also liked finding the letters and numbers I asked him to. 

Making a New Year's banner with leftover wrapping paper

4. Dry out the sheets, and then tape them onto string.

You are done. Have a great New Year celebration with your family!

Wrapping Paper Banner - A New Year's craft for kids!

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leandra bramham said...

Lovely banner, such a great idea to include children in new year! X

Emma Tustian said...

That's a lovely idea, and great way of using up wrapping paper. #Letkidsbekids

Karen Bell said...

What a great idea, we might give this a go if we have time. Thanks for sharing #LetKidsBeKids

Merlinda Little said...

Goodness time flies! Its 2015 already! Nice project =) #letkidsbekids

Tarana said...

Thanks Leandra!

we3threeblog said...

this looks great, i'd like to make on of these for next Eid #LetKidsBeKids

Josh said...

Looks really fun!

skynkatesmom said...

what a cute idea, I may have to do this with my kids, they would have so much fun.

Karin Shaim said...

that's a really cute idea! thanks for sharing

Wendy Mastin said...

We are going to have a party and this would be great for the kids to make. Thanks.

ArtsyChaos said...

I love banners! Or buntings, whatever you'd like to call them. :)

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