Busy Hands: Making Christmas Trees (and Free Printable)

We recently had a play date (with Abigail and her Little Miss of Cuddles & Crumbs!) and I wanted to do an activity where we could just let the kids have fun. It being the festive season, I couldn't think of anything other than Christmas trees!

I simply put together an Invitation to Create Christmas Trees.

Invitation to Create Christmas Trees (Free printable included)

Our tray had the following things in it:

Invitation to Create Christmas Trees- A Christmas tree print out (see below for free printable template)

- Pom poms

- Glitter glue

- Snowflake glitter

- Flower glitter

- Foam shape stickers

- Washi tape

- Cotton wool

- Glue

- Ribbon

- Buttons

You can put in just about anything that can be stuck on the Christmas tree.

First, we cut around the print out and stuck it on cardboard. We let the kids create their trees with the cardboard on, so they would have more space to work with rather than the cut out of the tree.

This was Little Dude's first time with glitter and he really loved exploring it!

Creating Christmas Trees art

With a little help from us, the kids made these lovely Christmas trees, each unique and special.

Christmas Tree art

Once the glue was dry, we cut out the tree and stuck the ribbon with cellotape behind it to make a cute art hanging. This will look lovely on your door! Or, you can use it to make a pretty and personal Christmas card.

Christmas Tree Art Hanging

Download the free Christmas Tree Printable Template here!

Free Christmas tree printable template

Once you have clicked on the link, it will open in Google Drive. There is no log-in required. You can either download the printable by clicking on the arrow (for printing later), or print directly by clicking on the print icon. The file is in PDF format, you will have to use Adobe Reader if you are downloading it to open and print later.

If your download doesn't start when you click on the arrow, check if a pop-up has been blocked, and allow it on your browser for Google Drive.

This activity is great for:

- Developing fine motor skills

- Promoting creative art

- Sticking and pasting skills

- Doing a group or playdate activity

(Busy Hands is a series about activities and craft 
you can do with toddlers and young children)

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