Seven New Year's resolutions Moms need to make!

It's that time of the year when all you care about is putting your feet up, and putting all that festive madness behind you. Even if you don't 'believe' in making New Year's resolutions, take the time to reflect on the year gone by. Think of the good memories you made with your family, and the challenges you overcame.

Now, take it a step further and make a few promises to yourself that will make the coming year a better one for you!

Seven New Year's resolutions Moms need to make

Seven New Year's resolutions Moms need to make:

1. Pat myself on the back!

Don't wait for someone else to compliment you. Do the best you can for your family, in your given situation, and then be content with yourself. Yes, you can always do better, but there is no need for you to be like another mom who seems to have half your dark circles and gets double the work done. Be proud of all that you have done, and don't let anyone make you think otherwise.

2. Make some new friends.

Who says you have to stop making new friends? Even if you have a good bunch, make an effort to say hello to the mom you see everyday but never talk to. Moms need all the support they can get, so the more you have in your circle, the better it works out for everybody.

3. No more leftovers for me!

Just don't. I know it's easy to feel guilty about wasting food that the kids left on their plates, but it's really not your job to eat it up! Have a plan for leftovers - either use them to make something else, or pass them on to the kids when they are hungry 30 minutes after dinner.

4. I will get out of the yoga pants.

I know how comfortable they are, and how they allow you to be superwoman, but there are many more comfortable items of clothing out there. Please look out for them, and bring some jazz into your wardrobe. You won't believe how much dressing well can have an impact on you.

5. Make time for myself.

You don't have to skip the evening out with your husband or hanging out with the girls, but it is important to have time just for yourself. Because of all the stresses that come with being a parent, scheduling peaceful time to unwind is just what you need. And you must schedule it to make it a priority.

6. Switch off more often

This is something we all need to do, and appreciate some moments without capturing them on camera. You won't forget them, even when you don't have a photo, because you will be completely living them. And yes, this also means that you should try to switch off more often as a family and take the time to connect verbally.

7. I will start something new

It's never too late to do something you've always wanted to. Don't wait for a 'better' time. Take a step towards starting a new project, or learning something new. Here are ten ways you can challenge yourself as a mom.

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Far Zain said...

Oh what a wonderful read Tarana!! I was just saying almost the same things to myself. Here on our blog

Wish you a peaceful and happy 2015!!

Bianca Avelino said...

Yes to it all. Especially #1 & 2. I don't really give myself as many pats on the back as I should. I also would like to start making friends since I'm new to the area. It's daunting though.

Jessica Stout said...

I need to do all these things. I am ready for 2015 :)

Aimee said...

1,2,and 5 should be done! Thank you for this read. Lets get on to 2015!

Becky Holland said...

Love this! It is so good to have these great tips written down. A good reminder for now and the new year. Thank you!

Tarana said...

Yes, it is a bit daunting, but all the best!

Tarana said...

Happy new year!

Tarana said...

Have a great year!

Tarana said...

Glad you liked them!

TheMissusV said...

LOL on the leftovers! I don't think I will ever get past not eating their leftovers. :p

Chris Carter said...

LOVE these... there is a nice balance between them all- between taking care of ourselves and loving ourselves and pushing ourselves!

Kristi - Finding Ninee said...

I pinned it and especially love "start something new." It's time I started something new for ME. As in not martial arts for my son...

Tarana said...

I'm really trying to break this habit!

Tarana said...

The pushing ourselves part is necessary sometimes, isn't it?!

Tarana said...

Absolutely, if you can do that, you will feel so reinvigorated!

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