Busy Hands: Shape Animals

Little Dude loves anything to do with shapes, and I'm sure all toddlers do! He loves doing simpl...


P is for..Peacock

There's something about peacocks that makes you just stop and look. They look so royal, and s...


Busy Hands: Cardboard Tube Printmaking

This activity is perfect for using foam stickers in an easy way, just how we like it! We used an old...


Six Reassuring Phrases For Toddlers

Toddlers really do get bad press for being emotional volcanoes, but within those outbursts is a chil...


O is for...Occupied

I love watching Little Dude occupied in doing an activity. I like the look of concentration on hi...


Busy Hands: Fruit Sticky Puzzle

I love making puzzles for Little Dude because they are easy to create and there can be so many varia...


N is for...Nature

In earlier times, doctors used to advise a 'change of air' to make patients feel better. ...


10 Challenges For Moms To Take

I know. You probably don't have breathing space in your busy schedule. Maybe you go out to work ...


M is for...M&M's!

This photo has been taken from our trip to the UK last year. We visited M&M's World in L...


Busy Hands: Underwater Theme Play Dough

Play dough can be an endless source of creative activities for kids. Recently, I put together a play...


How To: Check for broken links and fix them

What are broken links? Simply defined, broken links are internal and external links originating...

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