Top Ten Parenting Posts of 2014

This year, I had decided to make Sand In My Toes a resourceful website for parents wherever they may be, because parenting and its challeng...


Family Eats: Sights and taste of the sea at Boardwalk

The Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club is an iconic building on Dubai's landscape, and one you can't miss if you cross Deira or visit...


Seven New Year's resolutions Moms need to make!

It's that time of the year when all you care about is putting your feet up, and putting all that festive madness behind you. Even if yo...


Family Eats: A hearty meal at Rosa Mexicano, Dubai

In another edition of Family Eats , I bring to you a restaurant that is a good choice for a family meal! There's nothing quite like Me...


Busy Hands: Easy New Year's Banner

If there's one thing you find yourself abundant in after the Holidays (apart from the extra weight!), it's got to be the wrapping pa...


Five Tips Friday: Crafting With Toddlers

When toddlers begin to develop fine motor control over their fingers and hands, they can be introduced to simple crafts. These activities, ...


Five things to do at Christmas in Dubai

Christmas isn't a big festival back home in India. It is celebrated, of course, and is a national holiday, but isn't as big as Diwal...


Busy Hands: Penguin Snow Globe

Penguins are so adorable - I knew we had to make something with them during our craft sessions! So, when I saw this penguin snow globe o...


Five Tips Friday: Making Mom Friends

I've never had the courage to talk to that mom at the playground. She could be any mom with a child of the same age as mine. Or she coul...


Celebrating festivals as an expat family

When you decide to move to another country and become an expat, especially as a family, there are usually very compelling reasons to leave y...


A 'Frozen' winter wonderland at Ski Dubai

Can anyone who is NOT a Frozen fan raise their hand? Few films can match the attraction that this icy animated flick has generated. It is a...


Busy Hands: Making Christmas Trees (and Free Printable)

We recently had a play date (with Abigail and her Little Miss of Cuddles & Crumbs! ) and I wanted to do an activity where we could just ...

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