Busy Hands: Hidden Letters Painting

We've never tried crayon resist painting before, but I always wanted to use this technique for a learning activity. Discovering hidden things and learning to identify them go well together. We did this activity on an easel because Little Dude likes painting that way, but you can do it at a table and it will be equally fun!

Hidden Letters Painting - An alphabet recognition activity for toddlers

I created a grid with letters written with a white crayon. I wrote them randomly, not following any pattern. Now, crayon resist painting works best with watercolors, but since we didn't have any, we used regular paint. You can always try giving pre-diluted paint for this activity.

Alphabet recognition activity using crayon resist painting

I used the grid lines so it would be easier for him to know where to look for the letters. But you can make it more challenging (perhaps for older children) by writing the letters all over, and not making any guidelines.

Using crayon resist painting for identifying letters - learning activity for toddlers

As he painted over a letter, Little Dude identified it. I must add that this activity didn't go perfectly, because some letters were not clear enough to identify. The paint dripped in one place, and in some places it was applied too thick to make the letter visible. Make sure you write the letter many times over with the crayon for this to work well.

But we managed to identify most of the letters, and the discovery aspect of this activity was what made it fun. In the end, I let him paint all over the canvas, so you can imagine why Little Dude was at it for a while!

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