How NOT to be a Supermom

Supermoms do exist. I'm not denying their existence. I'm sure you know one or two such moms - who incredibly manage to get everythin...


Braun ThermoScan 7: An easy to use thermometer for kids (Review)

When my son was a baby, the slightest fever put me on high alert. Every parent knows that it is important to monitor temperature changes dur...


Busy Hands: Shape Giraffe

A while ago, we had made Shape Animals for a guest post on We had created a lion and elephant using basic shapes. I wanted to us...


Six moms who need your compassion the most

This post is among the thousands of voices who are coming together today to write about compassion, because we care. The  1000 Voices for Co...


Busy Hands: Chinese Good Luck Ornament

Chinese New Year is on February 19, and I thought we must commemorate this bright and colourful occasion with a craft of our own. This is th...


Raising Bilingual Children as Expat Parents

I knew, even before I became a parent, that my child would be bilingual - perhaps even multilingual. I love languages (even though I haven&#...


Can compassion change the world?

Asking this question is like asking. 'Can my using a CFL bulb save the planet?'. You know it's literally not true, but you stil...


Busy Hands: DIY Pirate Hat

We have a lot of interest in pirates at our house, because Little Dude has developed a liking for all things swashbuckling! I think it start...


Six Kindness Acts for Toddlers

Kindness is one of those qualities which is perfected by doing, and incorporating into our daily lives. And it's never too early to deve...


Busy Hands: Making Chocolate Strawberry Flowers

One of the things I plan to do more of this year is cooking with Little Dude. He's always had an interest in cooking, and is forever hel...


25 Free Valentine's Printables For Kids

It's a good thing that Valentine's Day is now considered a 'family' holiday that kids can join in. It definitely makes us bu...

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