Busy Hands: Chinese Good Luck Ornament

Chinese New Year is on February 19, and I thought we must commemorate this bright and colourful occasion with a craft of our own. This is the Year of the Sheep, and we've already shared our painted cotton sheep craft.

While looking for inspiration for a Chinese New Year themed craft, I learned so much about Chinese culture and it's many symbols. A few important things associated with this festival are lanterns, the Chinese dragon, fruits (especially mandarins) and cherry blossoms. I also got Little Dude involved by showing him photos of Chinese decorations and a video of the Chinese Dragon dance. Of course, he wanted to make the dragon soon after (we're working on that)!

I decided to make a Chinese Good Luck ornament, which you may have seen in souvenir shops or a Chinese festival. They come in many designs and shapes from simple, to complicated with lots of symbols (such as fishes, or bats) and calligraphy. But all of them have one thing in common, which is the Chinese character for good luck called 'fu'.

Chinese Good Luck Ornament - a craft for kids to make at Chinese New Year.

This is what a Good Luck Ornament generally looks like:

Ours is much simpler, and there's a toddler version too!

Here are the materials you need to make the Chinese Good Luck Ornament:

- Thick cardboard

- Red and yellow craft paper

- Coloured yarn (yellow, red, green, golden)

- Gold glitter glue

This is how you can make it:

1. Cut out a square (about 10 cm) from the red craft paper, and stick on to a thick cardboard of the same size.

2. Cut out two crescent shapes from red paper and decorate with gold glitter. Stick them on to the sides of the square as shown below.

3. Cut out the 'fu' symbol from the yellow paper (or gold foil paper, if you have it). This is what it looks like:

Chinese Good Luck Ornament craft for kids.

4. Cut small segments of the yarn. Use red and yellow (or gold). Fold them into loops and tape them on to the back. I made 12 double loops, but you can also make them single in only red.

5. Cut out longer segments of different coloured yarn to put at the base of the ornament like a tassel. Secure them with tape. I also added a red paper ring around them.

6. Add another yarn segment at the top for hanging. You can even braid it loosely with red and yellow like I did.

Chinese Good Luck Ornament craft for kids to make at Chinese New Year.

This version is more suitable for older kids, but we also made a toddler version of the ornament. I gave Little Dude another square with different shapes for him to stick on to it. He was happy to have made one of his own, and then I helped him make the yarn loops and tassel.

Chinese Good Luck Ornament - toddler craft for Chinese New Year.

This craft is bound to be fun as a group activity or individually, and can also be modified to suit different ages. It's also a great way to explore and introduce the Chinese culture.

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