Busy Hands: Shape Giraffe

A while ago, we had made Shape Animals for a guest post on We had created a lion and elephant using basic shapes. I wanted to use the shapes concept to make more animals, so here's another one.

It's a simple Shape Giraffe that kids can make with your help.

Shape Giraffe - Basic shapes craft for kids

To make this Shape Giraffe, we used:

- Pink card paper for the background

- Yellow, and brown craft paper

- Black and red marker pens

- Glue and scissors

This is how we made it:

1. I cut out a large yellow oval shape for the body, four rectangles for the feet, a long rectangle for the neck, and an oval for the face. I also cut out two triangles for the ears and two tiny ovals for the 'horns' (or more accurately, ossicones!).

2. We glued them in place, and then I cut out different sized ovals for the giraffe's spots. I also cut out a long triangle for the tail, and we glued them in place.

3. You can keep it as simple as that, but Little Dude saw photos of giraffe and wanted to make the hooves and mane for the neck too! So we added these details as well.

Making a Shape Giraffe from basic shapes

4. Finally, I drew in the eyes and mouth with the marker.

Shape Giraffe - Basic shapes craft for kids

This craft is  a great way to:

- Learn about shapes.

- Learn patterns.

- Improve fine motor skills.

You can also do it like a puzzle, and help your child put the pieces together.

Shape based crafts are fun and educational, especially for toddlers and preschoolers. Some other shape activities we have done are:

Paper Shapes Puzzle

Sticky Fruit Puzzle

Simple Shape Trucks

Busy Hands is a series about activities and craft 
you can do with toddlers and young children.

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Catherine said...

This is a really cute idea, my daughter is just learning about shapes in school.


Mariet Schroder/Practicingnorm said...

How clever. My kids are little bit older, but this looks like really fun way for learning about shapes. #Letkidsbekids

My Bored Toddler said...

These look really great! I've shared on my facebook page :-)

Karen Bell said...

The giraffe looks fab and it's a great way to learn about shapes and how things go together.
Thanks for sharing #LetKidsBeKids

Merlinda Little said...

He is really a busy boy! I love how this gives him a chance to show how he remember animals that he saw before (in books or in real life) too! Love the small details =) #letkidsbekids

Louise George said...

That's a great idea - love the giraffe and such a good way of playing with different shapes too.

Louisa said...

This is such a cute activity. I could cut the shapes out of felt to make a little zoo :-) #letkidsbekids

Kriss MacDonald said...

Surprisingly simple but great results - lovely crafts and learning activity for children Tarana!

Tarana said...

Thanks Catherine, this is fun for kids who are learning their shapes!

Tarana said...

I bet older kids would like it too - you could just add more details!

Tarana said...

Thank you!

Tarana said...

Yes, we plan to do more animals in future!

Tarana said...

The details were all his idea!

Tarana said...

That's a great idea!

TheBoyandMe said...

What a great activity utilising shapes and reinforcing the basic shapes.


domesstique said...

What a fantastic idea Tarana! Olivia might want to try this too. xx

Sara (@mumturnedmom) said...

This looks great, brilliant for shape identification x

Mike said...

What a fantastic job! Maybe he can learn to make some Golden Retrievers, Tarana! :)

Princess Cloo said...

brilliant idea!

Well done!

Single Parent Pessimist

Loving Life With Little Ones said...

Great idea to do and educational too #minicreations

kidGLloves said...

Lucas says - I really like this as I love Giraffes. We went to the zoo last year and we saw a baby Giraffe - he was very cute and this is an AWESOME Giraffe. Thanks for linking to #minicreations

Tarana said...

Thank you Lucas!

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