How NOT to be a Supermom

Supermoms do exist. I'm not denying their existence. I'm sure you know one or two such moms - who incredibly manage to get everything done without, simply put, losing it. But that is not a superpower most of us mothers possess. We are the ones who crash out at 8 pm after an exhausting day. Or have a chocolate bar because it's the best thing to have happened to us since morning. In short, we are tired, and far from perfect. We are nowhere near being a Supermom most of the time.

I do admire the moms who have really got it together. But my problem is with the expectation that we should all be fantastic at everything we do. Somehow, we are expected to juggle a career or a social life with domestic responsibilities, raising good human beings, and everything in between. The pressure to be the a Supermom can get too much.

Well, I decided that I don't want to give in to that pressure. I don't want to be good at everything, and I want to delight in the fact that I am not a perfect mom. Because instead of impossibly high standards and judgement, we just need compassion and support.

How NOT to be a Supermom - Let's just be the best we can!

Let's all join the rebellion and NOT be Supermoms, but just good ol' average moms like we are - doing the best we can. Here are a few ways to get started:

Order a pizza for dinner

You try to cook healthy when you can. You plan meals in advance, and deal with picky eaters. You make an effort to choose items with the right ingredients at the store. So, it's not the end of the world if you treat your family to pizza in the middle of the week. Your kids can get their nutrition tomorrow, right?

Let the kids watch TV

Watching television isn't the best thing for kids to do, but if it gives you an hour of quiet every day to get the some chores done, no one is getting a bad deal. Unless you can meticulously plan every minute of their free time, you can't beat yourself about a little TV. Hey, they can watch the educational shows!

Skipping the housework

Okay, don't forget to feed and clean the kids, but aren't there some days when you just want to turn your back on the laundry? Do it! Yes, kids stain approximately five pairs of clothes a day, but it's high time we accepted that kids and stains go together. And messy houses.

Being comfortable with how you look

You should still take care of your health, but some of us just aren't cut out to look like swimsuit models after giving birth to two kids. Nobody should have to meet the unrealistic standards set by some celebrities. Let's just take care of ourselves as best as we can, and be content (and happy) with what we look like.

Taking a day off

Routines can be binding sometimes, and you can't blame yoyurself for wanting to just stop and take a break. It's okay to be flexible with routine tasks sometimes. It's not that you can't cope, but because you just need a change sometimes. Do something new, and shake up that routine!

Not doing DIY everything

You don't have to have the talent for crocheting or baking Minecraft cakes. It doesn't matter if your child's Halloween costume is store-bought, or if you cheated a little for the bake sale. It doesn't matter to your child, so stop trying to be perfect at everything you see on Pinterest or your Facebook feed. We all are good at some things and terrible at others. Lets just accept that.

No mom needs to be made to feel that she's not doing enough for her family. Because she's probably doing the best she can in her situation. Let's bring down social expectations and revel in being 'normal'.

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Katie @ Pick Any Two said...

I am cheering as I read this! I'm totally OK with not being a Supermom, because otherwise I would be too darn exhausted to even enjoy it!

Tasneem Rajkotwala said...

Beautiful!! Happened to me just yesterday when Little A vomited all over the carpet after a bout of cough and I was so tired, I wanted to give it all up. But who do we say, right? Thank God I had a good night's sleep, though!! :D

Clare Scott said...

Hurrah for normal! I loved this very balanced post. Your last point, in particular, resonated with me as I struggle with all things crafty and often feel inadequate as a result. But now I shall be proud of my shop-bought goodies ;-) #PoCoLo

Doubtfulmum said...

Hear hear. Nice to see a balanced mum sticking up for us "tryers". #pocolo

fashion-mommy said...

Love it - do all of the above at times and don't think my little boy suffers for it. I'm real and I try!


Laura @ Life with Baby Kicks said...

Ahh I agree with it all except the pizza.....but only because pizza in Dubai is RUBBISH!! And I'd much rather have a wagamama's takeaway :)

In all seriousness, I think Pinterest has a lot to answer to at times!!


Laura @ Life with Baby Kicks

Tarana said...

Good point, me too!

Tarana said...

I know the feeling! Somehow, in the end, it all works out.

Tarana said...

Exactly my point. One can't be expected to be good at everything!

Tarana said...

We're all 'tryers' aren't we? Glad you agree!

Tarana said...

All that matters is that you try your best!

Tarana said...

Oh, I LOVE Wagamama!

Victoria Welton said...

Yes, yes and YES! So totally with you! Who says we have to be perfect all the time?! Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x

Lexis said...

YES! And I find when you drop the things you are doing out of pure obligation, you end up feeling more like you do have it together.

Morgan Prince said...

Absolutely! Pizza = Awesome. Not doing housework? Yes, yes, yes! All sounds fabulous to me, I'm in! :)

Great post by the way ;)

Carin Kilby Clark said...

Perfectly imperfect. <3
Love the post. :).

Chris Carter said...

I do these things EVERY DAY!!! LOL I gave up the supermom attempts long ago.... motherhood and well, LIFE strips you of the desire and the need pretty quickly!!! At least it did for me!! LOVE this post!

Meredith said...

haha! I love these! I'm not a supermom, so I can relate. ;)

TheMissusV said...

Love this! On my daughter's birthday, I decided that I was gonna rock parenting the lazy way. Store bought all the way! Well except for the spaghetti and fried chicken (my mom cooked btw! LOL). Kid was happy and I did not die from exhaustion. Winning!

Tarana said...

Thanks Morgan!

Tarana said...

Absolutely, Lexis, well said!

Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Yes! I love it!!

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