Right Bite's Lunchbox Gourmet service (Review)

For parents who have school-going children, an important priority is ensuring that they have healthy lunches. Most parents do pack school lunches from home, yet for working mothers, it can be even more of a task given all that they have to juggle already.

Right Bite is a Dubai-based company which provides packed meals to homes and offices. Now, they also offer lunchbox meals for children at school. Their Lunchbox Gourmet service is aimed at children from two to sixteen years of age.

We tried the Lunchbox Gourmet service for three days, which consisted of a lunch with a main dish and side dish, a dairy beverage or snack, a fruit snack, and an afternoon snack.

First off, I was a sent menu options and a Child Information Sheet to fill in. I got a call from their Customer Service to confirm my dates and the driver who would be doing the drop-off. Their meals are delivered in a cool box and come packed in disposable containers. They are each labeled and the menu off the day is also sent along in a sheet. They also send a disposable cutlery set, hand sanitiser, salt, pepper, toothpick, and tissues.

Little Dude is three, and I wanted to try their meals from the perspective of a child who goes to school, as he will be starting this year.


Coleslaw (shredded carrots and cabbage served with low-fat yogurt and mayonnaise dressing)
Whole-wheat spaghetti & meatballs (spaghetti cooked with tomatoes and basil topped with beef meat balls)
Low-Fat Milk
One Fruit Skewer (with pineapple, rock melon, grapes & strawberry)
Whole-wheat vanilla muffin

I started by giving him the afternoon snack of the fruit skewer and he liked it. For lunch, I only served him a portion of the coleslaw. The portion of the spaghetti and meatballs pictured below is full. He didn't have much of the coleslaw as the pieces were too big, but he did like the main dish and had the milk. He later had some of the whole wheat vanilla muffin.


Green salad (lettuce and cucumber with olive oil and lemon dressing)
Beef stroganoff with rice (sliced tender beef cooked with mushroom, onions and pickles in a light cream and gravy sauce served with rice)
Low-Fat Yogurt (flavoured)
Citrus fruit salad (cut-up pineapple, orange and kiwi slices) 
Slice of Chocolate fudge cake

Little Dude had the citrus fruit salad at first, but he left out the pineapples because the pieces were too big for him. He had a portion of the beef stroganoff and rice and some of the yogurt. The serving of the green salad was quite a lot, so I only gave him a few bits. The chocolate cake (afternoon snack) was, of course, happily had!


Steamed vegetables (cauliflower, baby marrow, broccoli, asparagus and carrots tossed with parsley) 
BBQ Chicken with Brown Rice and Steamed Vegetables (with brocolli,cauliflower, baby marrow and carrots)
Low-Fat Yogurt (flavoured)
Grapes, green, seedless
Slice of Raspberry Cheesecake

Grapes are a favourite of Little Dude's so he liked them. The steamed vegetables, again, were too big in size for him to have comfortably. He liked the barbecue chicken and vegetables, but the brown rice was parboiled, and a little tough for him to have. So, I replaced it with white rice that I made (not pictured). The cheesecake was pretty good and just the right size.

Nathalie Haddad, who is the founder and managing director of Right Bite, answered a few questions for me about Lunchbox Gourmet. About preparing the special menu for this service, she said, "While preparing our special menus, we took into consideration how children may be picky so we chose food items based on kids’ preferences in addition to choosing the perfect texture and presentation to make the meal more appealing, easy and enjoyable for the kids. Our little ones spend, on average, half of their day at school or nursery; so Right Bite dietitians and chefs made sure that they receive well-balanced and nutritious lunchboxes consisting of all the food groups (fruits, dairy, vegetable, grain and protein) in their small box."

The lunchbox is delivered at home before the child leaves for school, or can be dropped off directly at school if permitted by the school, and if they have refrigeration facilities.

Right Bite does take into consideration special dietary requirements, if the child has any, and provide allergen-free meals.

My thoughts:

For this service, Right Bite groups children from two to nine in the same category. I felt that this is unsuited for children under six, who will have trouble cutting up the larger pieces of food, considering that they are not assisted in doing this at school.

Some of the items provided in the lunchbox are unsuitable for young children - such as the adult-sized cutlery, the toothpick, and the liquid hand sanitiser.

Children rarely need to have low-fat dairy products, and I would have preferred full fat milk and yogurt.

Also, it is important that the school have a food reheating facility for the children to have these meals.

The quality of the food was good, and the variety in meals too, as Right Bite does provide healthy food including proteins, greens, and fiber.

In conclusion, I would say that Right Bite's Lunchbox Gourmet service is best suited for children six years and above.

I have shared my feedback with the Right Bite team and they have promised to look into it.


These are the packages offered by Right Bite for Lunchbox Gournet:

Lunchbox Gourmet Program: Option I (2 – 9 years of age) (26 AED/day)
(Includes main entrée, side dish, dairy beverage & fruit)

Lunchbox Gourmet Program: Option II (2 – 9 years of age) (30 AED/day)
(Includes main entrée, side dish, dairy beverage, fruit & afternoon snack)

Lunchbox Gourmet Program: Option I (10 – 16 years of age) (35 AED/day)
(Includes main entrée, side dish, dairy beverage & fruit)
Lunchbox Gourmet Program: Option II (10 – 16 years of age) (38 AED/day)
(Includes main entrée, side dish, dairy beverage, fruit & afternoon snack)

Cooler bag deposit (AED 100) (required per subscription)

To sign up for their meal services, call Right Bite on 04 33 88 763 or check out their website.

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