Six Kindness Acts for Toddlers

Kindness is one of those qualities which is perfected by doing, and incorporating into our daily lives. And it's never too early to develop a kind disposition. Toddlers, by nature, focus mostly on themselves and their needs. Since birth, their needs are prioritized (quite rightly), and that is what they are used to. But they are also easily influenced, and this is why it's a good idea to encourage them to do acts of kindness, in whatever little ways they can. Then, they develop empathy and compassion towards others, which is something we need more of in this world.

Six acts of kindness that toddlers can do

These are six acts of kindness toddlers can do:

Sharing and donating toys

One of the smallest acts of kindness to teach a toddler is to share a toy, but it can also be challenging because they don't really like sharing their things! One thing to remember is that sharing should never be done under compulsion. They can be encouraged to share some of their toys, even if for a little while. A step further is to ask them to help choose toys for donation, and do this routinely.

Mailing grandparents or relatives

Receiving a handmade card or gift would definitely make Grandma or Grandpa happy (or a loved Aunt or Uncle). Not only would this be a fun activity for your toddler, it's also a way of remembering extended family members and showing them love.

Helping a sibling or family member

Giving a helping hand to a sibling or Mom or Dad with a task is a great way to encourage kindness within the family, and these efforts must be positively validated. Try to have your toddler do something that he or she wouldn't usually do, such as helping a sibling tidy up, or helping Dad wash the car.

Inviting friends home

Having other families over at home is another opportunity for toddlers to be generous with their belongings and space. This way, toddlers understand that their home is open to welcoming other people. You can talk to them about inviting new friends over.

Thanking those who serve or assist them

Toddlers can be reminded to thank people who serve them in a restaurant, or at the store checkout. They can even give thank you notes to those who regularly assist them, such as daycare assistants or babysitters.

Leaving food for birds or animals

Kindness doesn't have to be limited to people. Toddlers can help in making a bird-feeder, or leaving out food for cats, or squirrels in the lawn or garden. Then they can get a sense of pride in watching their food offering being eaten!

Over time, toddlers can learn to bigger acts of kindness as they grow up. The important thing is to always make such actions part of their lives, so that they become good human beings and pass on the legacy of compassion to future generations.

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