Busy Hands: Recycled Bottle Lighthouse

My favourite crafts are the ones where we use recyclables. It makes me feel good about generating less waste, we have fun in the process of ...


On Totschooling: Orange Tree Counting Activity

I'm a huge believer in learning through play, and making it as fun as possible. Totschooling is one site which has so many ideas on teac...


Five Tips for Dealing with Toddler Fears

We've never had any issues with my toddler being scared of imaginary things, until recently. He happened to have a bad dream and believe...


A pamper and play session at Caboodle

As a full-time mom and part-time blogger, I don't schedule as much time for myself as I should. Mostly, it's because I find it hard ...


Creative toys from Biddoo (Review)

I'm very selective about the toys we get for Little Dude. Battery-operated and flashy toys simply irritate me, and from the beginning, I...


The pride in motherhood

The challenges that come with becoming a parent can be very trying. It's easy to become demotivated with a constant list of things to do...


A yacht cruise into the sunset!

I have been on many traditional dhow cruises here in Dubai, but was yet to try a yacht cruise. We got to experience this recently when we tr...


Busy Hands: Baby Chick Texture Art

The idea for this craft came for a story I made up for Little Dude, about a baby chick who has trouble getting out of its eggshell! So, it h...


Five Tips Friday: Choosing a preschool

It's hard to come to terms with it, but we have finally enrolled Little Dude into a preschool. It took us months and many visits, and mu...


A morning of fun and play at Kids HQ!

While most of the soft play areas in Dubai are found in malls, Kids HQ on Umm Suqeim Road is a little different. It's a standalone play...


How following my instincts made me a better parent

I've never picked up a parenting book in my life. I don't know if this was a conscious decision, but I didn't really trusted &#...


Busy Hands: Magnetic Photo Frames

As Mother's Day is celebrated during March in the UK and the UAE (and soon enough, during May in the USA), here's an idea for a cute...

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