Busy Hands: Baby Chick Texture Art

The idea for this craft came for a story I made up for Little Dude, about a baby chick who has trouble getting out of its eggshell! So, it has the egg shell still on its head, and Little Dude thought it was really funny, so we decided to make it.

We used the texture art technique like the Texture Snowman we made earlier. This technique uses as many different textured materials as possible, so the artwork can be used to explore the sense of touch.

Baby Chick Texture Art

Here's what we used to make the Baby Chick Texture Art:

- Egg shells
- Yarn
- Googly eyes
- Strip of red paper
- Corrugated cardboard, coloured strips (I bought these, but you can colour and make your own.)

This is how we made it:

1. I drew an outline of an egg shell and baby chick on to white paper. If you are using white egg shells, you can use coloured paper as the background.

2. Then, we stuck on the broken egg shells on to the chick's head.

3. Next, we cut the yarn into small pieces and stuck them on to the chick's body. We made two chicks and used two shades of yarn.

4. Next, we used the corrugated card for the feet, stuck in the googly eyes, and used some of the red paper for the beak.

I love how our baby chicks turned out! Try making your own with materials you have in the house.

Baby Chick Texture Art

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