Busy Hands: Baby Chick Texture Art

The idea for this craft came for a story I made up for Little Dude, about a baby chick who has trouble getting out of its eggshell! So, it has the egg shell still on its head, and Little Dude thought it was really funny, so we decided to make it.

We used the texture art technique like the Texture Snowman we made earlier. This technique uses as many different textured materials as possible, so the artwork can be used to explore the sense of touch.

Baby Chick Texture Art

Here's what we used to make the Baby Chick Texture Art:

- Egg shells
- Yarn
- Googly eyes
- Strip of red paper
- Corrugated cardboard, coloured strips (I bought these, but you can colour and make your own.)

This is how we made it:

1. I drew an outline of an egg shell and baby chick on to white paper. If you are using white egg shells, you can use coloured paper as the background.

2. Then, we stuck on the broken egg shells on to the chick's head.

3. Next, we cut the yarn into small pieces and stuck them on to the chick's body. We made two chicks and used two shades of yarn.

4. Next, we used the corrugated card for the feet, stuck in the googly eyes, and used some of the red paper for the beak.

I love how our baby chicks turned out! Try making your own with materials you have in the house.

Baby Chick Texture Art

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you can do with toddlers and young children.

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Ambika S said...

That is so lovely. A cute activity for toddlers.

Far Zain said...

Love the activity. Such a nice way to use different materials.

Tasneem Rajkotwala said...

Ever since Little A learned, he has been telling me that when the egg cracks the chick comes out. This looks like a wonderful activity to do with him. Want to know where did you buy those googly eyes from!

My Bored Toddler said...

How cute are these! They will make a great Easter craft activity

Louise George said...

That's a great craft activity - those eggs and chicks look great and I think we might have to try this one as an Easter craft :-) #letkidsbekids

Karen Bell said...

Lovely craft idea, so cute. I love the use of crushed egg shell :)
Thanks for sharing #LetKidsBeKids

Caroline said...

This looks like a great fun activity! Monkey adores gluing and sticking at the moment so I am sure he would love this! xx #letkidsbekids

Tarana said...

Hope you try it! Got the googly eyes from Daiso, but now even our local supermarket stocks them.

Tarana said...

Thank you!

Tarana said...

I'm sure he will, it was fun!

Tarana said...

Thank you, that was the fun part!

Karen Teresa Reekie said...

I like this, we might try it at our toddler group next week. Popped over from Mini Creations. (I can't get the Facebook or WP thingo to work to show who I am, I am being inept, sorry for blog link!)

Jocelyn (@ReadingRes) said...

I love it! I can see both of mine enjoying texture art, so thanks for the idea. Have Pinned, will do! #LetKidsBeKids

Clare's Little Tots said...

Love this looks so effective #LetKidsBeKids

You Baby Me Mummy said...

Ah this is so cute! x

Tarana said...

Hope you have fun making it at the toddler group!

Tarana said...

Glad you liked it, Jocelyn!

Muhammad Muneeb said...

very nice

kidGLloves said...

Grace says - These are soooooooo cute and would make great Easter card covers. We love the use of egg shells - rather funny!!! Thanks for linking to #minicreations

Tarana said...

Thanks Grace, maybe you can try making this one too!

Sarah said...

Too cute! Love this craft!

Chris Carter said...

SO adorable!!!

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