Seven Superpowers Toddlers Have

Parents who have toddlers always have this uneasy feeling that their little bundles of cuteness are actually smarter than they think . I lik...


Busy Hands: Stamped Turtle Craft

Most kids love animal crafts, and they are fun to make too! Our latest is this simple turtle craft in which we used a sponge stamp to paint ...


Scenes from Al Ghurair Centre's StreetCon in Dubai

We spent most of last weekend strolling through StreetCon at the Al Ghurair Centre mall. This celebration of urban art, music, and culture ...


Five Tips Friday: Designing your blog header

Think of your header as your blog's calling card. The look of your header may be one of the things which help your readers decide whethe...


On Coach Daddy: Parenting Lessons I Learned from Dad

I've written before about how my Dad influenced my life in a positive way. He continues to do so, although nothing is quite like all th...


Eight Creative Recycled Crafts for Kids

Never has junk looked so appealing to me since I started doing crafts with Little Dude. If you think about it long enough, you can re-use an...


Tips for easing your toddler into preschool

It's hard to believe my Little Dude has stepped out into the world, so to speak, as he recently joined preschool. He's three and a h...


Busy Hands: Earth Recycled Craft

For Earth Day on April 22, we made this craft which also symbolizes recycling and reuse. It's made with old newspaper using a mix of tec...


Busy Hands: Caterpillar Name Puzzle (Free Printable)

Once toddlers and preschoolers have a fair understanding of the letters of the alphabet, a fun activity to do is to learn to spell their nam...


Eight tips to thrive as a stay-at-home mom

Since I've always been a stay-at-home mom, I've been through it all. The fun, the exasperation, the boredom, and the self-questionin...

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