Seven Superpowers Toddlers Have

Parents who have toddlers always have this uneasy feeling that their little bundles of cuteness are actually smarter than they think. I like to think they have their own set of superpowers which make them capable of feats that either amaze or exasperate you.

Seven superpowers that toddlers seem to have!

These are seven superpowers that toddlers seem to have!

1. Sweet Sixth Sense

How do toddlers always know when there's candy in the house? It's like they can sense it's presence no matter where you hide it. This superpower is especially powerful when you have your eye on the candy, and if you make the mistake of eating it while they're still awake, you will be caught!

2. Mom Relaxation Detector

I'm sure all moms have experienced this - the minute you put your feet up to take a little break, they will demand your attention with the utmost urgency. Somehow, they always know when you need a little bit of quiet and make sure it's anything but quiet that you get!

3. Missing Item Alert

Remember that toy you thought he didn't play with anymore? Or the ragged stuffed toy she liked but seems to have forgotten? Well, the minute you toss it away, they will miraculously remember everything from the moment of birth and ask for it! This also holds true for unfinished candy bars which you 'tossed' in your mouth. Those, they will remember at two in the morning.

4. Unlimited Energy Generation

Okay, there has to be some secret source where toddlers get their energy from. I'd like some of that at the end of the day. It's amazing how long they can last with only a half-hour nap. They probably have some kind of reactor inside which generates all that unlimited energy!

5. Instant Preference Changer

So what if he was screaming for oranges the other day? Well, he doesn't even want to look at them now. Don't be surprised. Toddlers have this innate ability to change what they do and don't like in the snap of a finger (if they could snap fingers). Too bad this makes it all the more hard for Mom and Dad to keep up with their favourite foods, clothes, books, and TV shows,

6. Invisibility Illusion

They don't have the Invisibility Cloak, but they sure know what to make themselves invisible from your eyes. Toddlers fit into the smallest and strangest places, so it's really a losing battle when you can't find them, especially at bedtime.

7. Speedy Feet

If you've taken your toddler shopping, you what I mean. Those little feet are capable of super speed and good luck to you if you want to keep an eye on them. They disappear in the blink of an eye, and think it's funny when you have a near heart-attack watching them leaning over a fountain.

Don't be disheartened though, moms get back with their own superpowers to keep these tornadoes of energy in check!

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