Five Tips Friday: Getting your toddler to listen

Toddlers aren't very good listeners. Especially when they realize they can loudly say 'NO' to everything, or simply ignore you. ...


On In The Playroom: Summer Playdate Ideas

What are your kids doing this summer? I'm sure you'll be seeing their friends over a lot. If you're looking for ideas to keep th...


A cool party at Splash Pad Dubai!

The temperatures are really soaring here in Dubai, and this is usually a time when the thought of going outdoors is enough for me to break i...


12 things moms of boys don't want to hear (again)!

Being the mother of an only son, there are some things I hear often from people - parents and non-parents alike. I know that many people don...


Family Eats: Weekend barbecue buffet at Amwaj Rotana

No weekend is complete without a nice meal out with the family, in my opinion, and it also gives me a break from cooking! Last weekend, we t...


Busy Hands: Alien Play Dough Mat (Free Printable)

Play dough is such a wonderful material for creative play. Use it with a few props or tools, and it can lead to hours of playing. This was o...


Summer hotel deals with The Entertainer + WIN a copy of Entertainer Dubai 2015!

Everyone likes a good deal, and nobody comes close to giving you the more savings than T he Entertainer . You're probably familiar with ...


Five Tips Friday: Eating out with young kids

There was a time when we didn't even consider having a proper meal out of home. From the time Little Dude was a baby, we only had occasi...


Family Eats: The gastropub experience at Reform Social & Grill

British pubs have always been popular hot-spots for locals and tourists alike, but the gastropub emerged in the 80s when pubs started servi...


Your quick guide to THE BEACH, Dubai

What is THE BEACH? If you're visiting Dubai or are fairly new here, you may have heard people talking about 'the beach' as a...


Busy Hands: Yarn Roller Printing

This is a simple process-driven art that creates beautiful patterns. It can be done by kids of all ages, but preschoolers may find it partic...


Play time at Fun City!

We only started visiting soft play areas some time after Litte Dude turned two. He never did show an interest in them earlier, preferring th...

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