A cool party at Splash Pad Dubai!

The temperatures are really soaring here in Dubai, and this is usually a time when the thought of going outdoors is enough for me to break into a sweat! Even the beach is too hot at this time of the year (not that it holds back the real enthusiasts).

Even then, there's a little oasis of fun for the kids at THE BEACH, Dubai (read more about this place in my guide). It's called Splash Pad Dubai, and this is where 'heat' will be a term farthest from your kids' minds!

We were invited to a party at this mini water park for kids, and a really good thing about it is that a major part of it is shaded. The water is temperature controlled and the surface is slip-proof.

There are so many things for the kids to do. They can wade into the water, cool off under the many sprinklers, play with water guns, and more. There are nine different attractions for them to play at.

The highlight of water play area is a huge rotating bucket called the Superwave Wheel which splashes water on everybody, every few minutes!

They also have a kiddie gym, and a little playground, but I bet your kids won't want to leave the water!

Safety isn't a concern here, because the water is shallow, and there is a lifeguard on duty. They also have trained staff members to supervise the kids.

After lots of splashing around, the kids were treated to a special lunch by Retro Feasts, a 70s and 80s themed restaurant by the beach.

On the menu were some fabulous mini beef burgers, cheese croissants, mini pizzas, mac n cheese, and hot dogs. Dessert included fruit skewers, muffins, and vanilla ice cream.

We got a taste too, and I liked the freshness of ingredients and the homely taste of the food. The kids definitely enjoyed it too.

You can visit Splash Pad Dubai between 9 AM and 8 PM every day. For each child, access costs AED 60 for an hour, and AED 20 for every additional hour.  A day pass costs AED 100.

You can also host a birthday party for kids here. A non-exclusive package costs AED 125 per child and includes food and decoration, among other things. An exclusive package to book the venue costs AED 4,500 on weekdays, and AED 5,500 on weekends (not including food). 

Catering is provided by Retro Feasts, and other entertainment options can be arranged at an extra cost.

For details, visit the Splash Pad website, or their Facebook page. For information on parties, call them on 04-2766915 or email [email protected]

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