Busy Hands: Flying Rocket Craft

If your little one loves outer space as much as my son, you'll love making this 'flying' rocket with them! We call it a flying r...


20 Healthy Summer Snacks for Kids

When kids are home during the summer holidays, they do tend to get hungry a lot! You will get constant requests for 'something to eat...


Gentle Sleep Tips For Toddlers

From the beginning, I've tried to create a positive association with sleep for my son. I didn't want to have a struggle to make him ...


Busy Hands: DIY Phone Stand

I love it when we have extra cardboard lying around the house! The material is so durable that you can make almost anything you set your hea...


Busy Hands: Desert Collage Art

Even if you haven't heard about the country in the Middle East called the United Arab Emirates (UAE) , you probably know its popular cit...


Why new Dads need your support too

It's natural that mom and baby are the centre of attention after birth. They do all the hard work, after all! But let's not forget ...


Five Tips Friday: Using public transport with a toddler

It can be hard enough traveling with a toddler , but navigating a public transport system with one can induce panic in most parents. How muc...


Busy Hands: Ramadan Kindness Calendar for Kids (Free printable)

Ramadan is the month of fasting that followers of Islam celebrate across the world. While kids don't need to fast, they usually do have ...


Eight ways motherhood has changed me forever

There are some life events which completely change you. As you move ahead, you're constantly aware of the mark those events have left on...


Busy Hands: Flaming Towers - Pretend play craft

Little Dude loves playing with fire engines, and he has quite a few! He's always playing 'putting out the fire', so I thought we...

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