Busy Hands: Letter Stamping

Whether your child has just started learning the alphabet, or already recognizes them well, it's always fun to use letters for activities This time, we combined art with learning, and used them in a new way.

Using letters to paint and stamp with in this art activity for kids.

For this Letter Stamping activity, we used foam letters to use as stamps for painting with. It's very simple - using a brush, paint behind each letter and then stamp on to paper. 

We did our stamping on an easel, bit you could do it on a horizontal surface, especially for younger kids.

Painting with letters for a learning activity that's fun!

Little Dude loves technique of painting, and using letters was something new to him. We later spelled out his name. It was a sweet moment when he also spelled 'Mama', and stamped it in rainbow colours! 

Painting with letters

This activity is a great way to:

- Recognize and sound out letters
- Recognize colours
- Practice spelling
- Develop fine motor skills

Busy Hands - series for crafts and activities for kids.

Busy Hands is a series about activities and craft 
you can do with toddlers and young children.

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