What to pack when flying with a toddler

Traveling is an enriching experience, especially as a family. And I believe that traveling with young kids shouldn't be a huge challenge if you are prepared. Long flights can be tough with little ones, but the good thing is that you can prepare weeks in advance for it!

Pack carefully the carry-on you will be taking on board the airplane. Wouldn't it  be great if you could take along anything? But airlines have their rules, so it's best to make the best use of the luggage you'll be allowed to take in .

A good idea is to give your toddler their own backpack or trolley bag. Of course, your carry-on will be packed with things for the kids too. But by taking along a separate bag for each child, it will be easy to retrieve the items meant for them. Toddlers also like to feel independent, so by giving them a bag, there's a chance you'll encounter less trouble.

It is important to choose the right type of bag for your toddler. Some kids are comfortable with a backpack, while others are not. And remember to make sure it's lightweight. Chances are, you will be lugging it for at least some part of the journey. For yourself too, a backpack would be easier to take along than a cabin trolley (unless you're also traveling with a baby).

What to pack in carry-on luggage aboard a plane, when traveling with a toddler.

Below are a few things you should consider packing in your carry-on luggage:

Your bag:

- Many, many wipes
- Paper towels (to mop up spills)
- A complete extra set of clothes
- Diapers (if using)
- Snacks in a compartment box
- A picture or story book (or two)
- First aid kit (band aids, antiseptic cream, paracetamol)
- Lollipops/suckers (for changes in pressure)
- A scarf (to use as a blanket, or shade - it has a lot of uses!)

Your toddler's bag:

 - Mini-sized snack boxes

Your toddler may find it exciting to carry his own snacks. Try to pack a few mini sized food items, such as raisins, crackers, etc.

- Travel wipes

For quick access, keep a pack of travel wipes which are sold in smaller packs than baby wipes. It will also help your toddler clean up themselves.

- Travel kits

There are lots of ideas you can find for putting together busy bags or travel kits for kids. It's often as simple as throwing in colouring pages and crayons, or puzzles. You can find a lot of these ideas on my Traveling with Kids Pinterest board!

- A cutlery pack

Toddlers struggle with using the adult-sized cutlery served in planes and restaurants, so carry your own. I never forget to take this, because my toddler is more comfortable with using his own spoons and forks, and I can easily clean and resuse them. Sometimes, I even take along a small bowl!

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Vilma said...

When I first saw the topic, my brain already screamed "baby wipes" so funny to see it as your first one too :)

Tarana said...

It had to be that!

Nina G said...

I've never traveled on a plane with any of my kids! I'm too scared to do so lol. These sound like fantastic tips—pinning away!

Beth said...

Great list! I packed most of these in mine and my childrens hand luggage when we travelled a few months ago xxx

Tarana said...

It definitely requires a lot of planning - but it's not so scary, you can do it!

Tarana said...

It does help to be well prepared when flying with kids!

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