Why you need 'me time' every day

If you find yourself wanting to run away and hide in the closet too often, you've neglected yourself far too long. Life can get busy sometimes, often with things out of your control, but on a day-to-day basis you need to make time for yourself, before it all gets too much to handle.

'Me time' doesn't have to be about going to the spa, or off on a weekend without kids. You could do that, of course, but these are the kind of things which take a lot of planning and organization. And it doesn't help when you come back home to truckloads of laundry after being gone only two days!

I have always viewed 'me time' as a way of re-connecting with my inner self. Yes, motherhood has changed me in irreversible ways. But deep down, I'm the same person I was before marriage and a kid. I find that having time to think and relax is important to re-energize myself for whatever I have coming ahead.

We moms are often guilty of ignoring making time for ourselves. Instead, we often use free time for getting more tasks done. But there's only so much you can do before you get frustrated and exhausted.

That is why we need to re-think 'me time' as something you do every day instead of on special occasions. It's great if you meet up with friends every week or have a date night, but taking a little time out for yourself could really pay off in making you a more relaxed and calmer parent.

Why moms need to make time for themselves everyday, and tips on making it happen.

So, how do you go about finding these little nuggets of 'me time' while surrounded by kids and chores? A few tips:

Find a passion

Choose a hobby or activity that you are really passionate about. Or re-ignite something you used to do earlier but gave up somewhere along the way - it could be reading, gardening, or jogging. When you are passionate enough about something, you will make sure you take out time for it.

Set up quiet time for the kids

Children need some time to wind down too. With school and other extra curricular activities, their minds are often full and over-stimulated. I think kids of all ages really benefit from a small afternoon nap, but if they don't take one, set them up with some quiet activities so you can relax too. Make this part of their routine. And no, television doesn't really count as quiet time because it ends up stimulating their minds even more.

Get enough sleep yourself

This is something I've experimented with myself. On the days I get less sleep, I'm actually less productive and efficient. So, even when you think you're getting more done by staying up late at night, you're actually going to get less done the following day, and it's really not healthy in the long-term. In fact, taking a power nap with the kiddos may be all the 'me time' you need to refresh you!

Find peace in a mindful activity 

Whether you do it through meditation, prayer, or yoga, even 15 to 20 minutes of time alone with your thoughts can be uplifting. Sometimes, all we need is to get in touch with our innermost thoughts. It's the quiet time we crave all day. Give yourself that daily physical and mental space to rejuvenate, and you will be a less tired version of yourself at the end of the day.

Remember, the nurturer needs to be nurtured too. Don't put off 'me time' for another day. Make a promise that you will give your well-being priority as well. Your family deserves that, and so do you.

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