Busy Hands: Paper Plate Spaceship

If you have a little outer space fan, they'll love making this spaceship craft with a paper plate! It's pretty simple to make - all you need is some paint and coloured paper.

Now, one of the challenges of crafting with toddlers and preschoolers is that they want to do everything independently. You, on the other hand, may have different ideas about how you want the craft to turn out. I've been facing this with Little Dude, who is almost four now.

So, we reached a sweet compromise! We sit side by side. I demonstrate the craft by making it on my own, and he follows me. I don't help him with his project, even if he's doing it differently, unless he asks for help. Going ahead, you will see a different format for our Busy Hands series. I will show you my craft idea, and also the craft as done independently by my son. This only goes on to show that there's no 'right' way of doing arts and crafts projects, as long as you're all having fun.

Moving on to our Spaceship craft...

Simple and easy spaceship craft for kids made with a paper plate.

These are the items you need to make a Paper Plate Spaceship:

- One white paper plate
- Paints in blue, and another colour of your choice (we used tempera paint)
- Green craft paper
- Aluminium foil
- Felt marker, glue, and scissors


1. Cut the paper plate in half.

2. With one half, make a smaller semi-circle. With the other half, cut out the edges as shown below.

3. Paint the smaller piece sky blue, and the bigger piece any colour you like. We used darker blue.

4. When dry, glue the smaller one over the other as shown.

Making a spaceship craft with a paper plate.

5. Cut out the shape of an alien with the green craft paper and stick it on to the top half. We used white circles for the eyes, and drew details with a black felt marker.

6. Cut out four small circles with the foil and stick on the lower half.

These are what our spaceships looked like, and my toddler's version is on the right!

Paper plate spaceships - a fun craft for kids of toddlers and preschoolers!

If you liked this craft, you may also want to see our Alien Planet Playdough Mat.

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