Six Outdoor Activities Every Child Should Do

If there's one thing I remember the most about my childhood, it's the good memories of playing outdoors with friends. We would wander aimlessly, moving in and out of each others homes. There was nothing to distract us except for our moms calling us back home. Children definitely did not own screens back then, and television time was restricted.

With my own son, I've always focused on giving him as much exposure outdoors as I could. I've been taking him to the park since he was a baby, and I let him explore nature in every form. I'm happy that he now lights up at the mention of heading out to play.

As parents raising our kids in an instant-access digital age, it is key now more than ever to develop in them a love for the outdoors. In fact, we could do with re-discovering it ourselves. You could organize family activities together, and make outdoor excursions and games a part of your lifestyle.

With a little investment in outdoor toys, you can give your kids the gift of good health and happiness. I've rarely seen a kid who isn't happy playing outdoors, even if they seem reluctant at first. Playing outdoors teaches children social skills, makes them fitter, and encourages them to appreciate the world around them.

Six outdoor activities that every child should do more often.

These are the five outdoor activities I think every child should experience:

Riding a bike

There's a special joy in teaming up with friends and cycling around the neighbourhood. Riding a bike is such good exercise, and it also makes kids feel independent to have something to drive on their own. Cycling is something kids of different age groups can together, so it's great for siblings too.

Jumping on a trampoline

Kids love bouncing and jumping on trampolines. It's the one thing that excites kids of most ages. If you have the space, set one up permanently. It's also a great activity for birthday parties and play dates, and it tires the kids out, which is an added plus for parents!

Playing a sport

Whether it's soccer, basketball, cricket, or tennis, a sport should be part of every child's life. They may develop a passion for it, or just play it as a hobby, but sports teach life lessons too. Kids learn so much about cooperation, practice, team work, and competition by playing one. And it doesn't have to be a school activity. Encourage your kids to play their favourite sport in the backyard too.

Lawn camping

Camping is a wonderful way to connect with nature, and you don't have to go too far for it either. Just set up camp in your lawn or backyard! Use the opportunity to teach them some survival skills, and how there's so much fun to be had minus screens and Wifi.

Nature trails

You can set up a treasure hunt or nature trail and let kids explore the plants and insects that live in their surroundings. You can spread it out so there's a lot of movement and running around. This is also a way of learning through play, and making observations.

Blowing bubbles

This is another classic activity you just can't go wrong with. You can create a bubble station with home made bubble solution, lots of wands in different sizes, and then just let go! This will keep the kids busy for hours.

Try to incorporate outdoor activities in your child's everyday routine. Not only will it rejuvenate their mind, they will come to develop an association with happiness and being outdoors. Share with them some of own  your childhood joys, and let them appreciate the simpler things in life.

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