Six things I learned by raising a toddler

It's hard to believe that my son is really more of a preschooler now, even though I usually refer to him as a toddler. Clearly, he has passed that stage, becoming a more confident and assertive boy. As I expect new parenting challenges ahead of me, I'm also reflecting on what I learned from my experiences in raising a toddler.

Many people consider the toddler stage to be a particularly difficult one. I won't disagree, but I'm glad to see a happy and socially adapted child at the end of it. I think the past two years have made me a more patient and resilient parent, as boundaries were tested, and power struggles ensued. These experiences were new to both myself and the toddler in question, so we've all learned something.

Some of the life lessons I learned from raising my toddler.

Here are some of the things I learned by raising a toddler:

I am watched very closely.

It's surprising how often my behaviour manifests itself in my son. From what I say, to what I do, everything is duly noted. Things I've forgotten I said are recalled very clearly (and loudly!). Toddlers are keen observers, and nothing misses their eye. It's interesting how they seem to study your actions and words with scientific accuracy. And when you stop them from doing something, they always throw the ball back in your court. I'm definitely a more responsible, and socially correct person now than I was two years ago!

My mind is on constant alert.

I never know what he's up to, Little Dude. He could have come up with a new experiment. Or decided to paint himself green. One never knows. So, my mind is always in this state of alertness that I can't shake off even when I'm supposed to relax. I'm always looking out for hidden dangers, or anticipating trouble.

I stop and smell the roses.

Not that toddlers have any interest in roses. They are happier looking at the bugs and mud. I've learned that one of the best things about walking with Little Dude is that he stops to observe, explore, and discover. He asks a hundred questions, and is never satisfied until he has a proper answer. This has taught me to slow down, and look around myself, instead of being immersed in boring and routine thoughts.

Patience isn't just a virtue, it's survival.

I knew parents need patience, but just not so much! Really, I've been tested in ways I couldn't have imagined. I didn't know that power struggles with a three-year old could actually happen. But the one important thing I learned was how I needed to keep calm. My patience was essential to teaching him that shouting and anger aren't how problems are solved.

I would do anything to prevent a meltdown.

The sudden meltdowns are the most surprising part of raising a toddler. You think you have the most wonderful child in the world until he's screaming because you didn't let him pour the milk. With time, I learned that it wasn't worth the tears. So, I let him pour the milk and spill it. Of course, we must set boundaries for what's acceptable, but we shouldn't miss out on the learning opportunities.

Nobody is fully in control of their emotions.

I cried when I didn't know what to do with an uncooperative toddler. But then, it also made me realize that if I couldn't control my emotions, why did I expect a little child to? It's easy to tell a toddler to stop crying, but sometimes, it is okay to let them express their emotions while offering comfort.

If there is one piece of advice I would give to the parent of a toddler, I would tell them to let go. Let go of your fears, and embrace their need for independence. Above all, take in all the beautiful moments as your toddler learns to communicate with you, and discovers who he or she is.

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